How To Reduce Dust In Your Home: 5 Easy Tips That Actually Work!

how to reduce dust in your home

The common question is that "how to reduce dust in your home?". It depends on many things! You will be glad to know that I always keep clean my house and I believe that cleanliness is a matter of soft personality and generally it comes out a matter of elegance when an outsider gets in your house.

Everyone tries to keep their houses clean from dust, aren't you? Methinks, as a smart house owner, you always want to keep dust free all the places of your house. To reduce dust becomes a crying need if you live near urban areas.

Suppose, you opened your window for having fresh air but unfortunately, you saw pollen and airborne debris got in! Feeling peeved with this, you closed the window. Do you think the dust just comes from outside always? Actually not like that! It has the household source also!

At the same time, it's a matter of sorrow that dust can give birth to many diseases! So, it comes seriously to you to consider how you can keep clean your beautiful house from dust. Although it is impossible to eradicate dust permanently, nonetheless you can take initiatives to reduce dust so you can keep you and your family members safe! Let's discuss what the steps maybe!

The Best way how to reduce dust in your Home  

1. Wash The Bedding 

Wash The Bedding

To eradicate dust from your home, you will need to change your beloved bed when it becomes old because it collects skin flakes as well as dust very easily. Sometimes you go to bed with sweat body when you return home after completing your outside tasks.

Then you take rest with rubbing your body with bed sheets and with the pillowcases. But you don't know how much dust gets haven in your bed!

Now you can easily understand that your bed sheets, pillowcases, and mattresses need to wash! For this reason, preventing dust you will need to wash your bed sheets and pillowcases once a weak.

For better clean up, you may pull out your bed away from the wall as I did mine two days ago! Also, you can change your bed sheets or pillowcases after several days of use if you have alternatives to these!

2. Leave the shoes outside

Leave The Shoes Outside

If you want to reduce dust from your house you will need to leave the shoes outside! When you get entered into your room with shoes, it brings dust, bacteria and other particles and it spreads all of the places of the house.

"What can I do for my good shoes?" you may ask. Well, you can keep good shoes in the closet area but all of the other shoes of your family members need to keep outside! I have made a shelving system where all of my family people stack their shoes.

For reducing dust from your house you may do it what I did at my house. So, if you want to keep your house clean as well as hygienic, you can do it even from today!

3. Open the windows or use a quality air purifier for dust

Quality Air Purifier For Dust

After cleaning my house, I open the windows to get fresh air which is really conducive for my health. Don't you open your window like me? If you don't, you may start it today! It will make sure a good temperament of your mind!

You will agree with me that good ventilation system is really so much conducive for our homes. Sometimes I pass my leisure time in front of my open windows by reading books. Really the fresh air makes me serene and keeps me animated!

Do you live in an area where you can't open the windows? What should you do? Don't worry, you can use a good quality air purifier for dust as the best solution to the situation. By means of an effective air purifier for dust, you can remove small and large particles from the air in your room.

You will be pleased to know that, a high-quality air purifier for dust can generate you refresh air from, dust, and bacteria. Therefore, you can give it a try as you are here to know the ways how To Reduce Dust In Your home.

4. Wash correctly

Home wash correctly

You will need to clean dust regularly from your house. For better cleaning, using a slightly damp cloth you can pick up the dust and hold easily for removal. If you use a little bit of water with the damp cloth, then the surface will be completely blur-free and look gorgeous!

I use SPIK SPONGES for my own since I visited my aunt's house in the last year! I saw her using it for cleaning her house and then I decided to clean my own using this! Now, it assists me to keep clean my house from dust.

Therefore, SPIK SPONGES are really thick and have cellulose fibers which will clean your house from dust completely. If you use a little bit of water with this, you will get an effective result on glass surfaces. Actually, microfiber cloths are really conducive to reduce dust. I suggest you use it for cleaning your house because already it has proven to me!

5. Say "No" to carpeting

carpet on the floors

If you use carpet on the floors, it looks eye-catching. But, the carpeted floor is considered as the magnet for catching the dust. It needs to vacuum regularly though it will not be enough for allergies!

Are you really willing to use a carpet for the floors of your house? If yes, then you will need to consider a vacuum cleaner with a double-layered micro filter bag or filter for a high-efficiency particulate air filter for preventing dust from being re-inaugurated into the air!

Final verdict

In the write-up, I shared 5 ways how to reduce dust in your home. Was it helpful for you? Most probably you have liked the ideas what I discussed above! I think you take good care of your house really and this is why you are here still now.

If you try to clean your house by virtue of the above 5 steps, then your house will be completely dust free and provide you with a cheerful mind while moving around the house!

Have a nice time with your clean house! 🙂

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