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We lovingly welcome you to our ‘About Us’ page. We are delighted that you are here to know about us. We have a good number of experienced members on our team. Our team members collect home air products by giving much time for you. Moreover, we have some researcher, who research that which will be the best for you and preference them to you.

Also, we have an expert content writer group. All the members of this group writ product reviews spending enough time for you with care and honesty. They never allow any wrong information with our discussion.

You will find various types of air purifiers on our site which is your need not only at this moment but also always.

You will be happy to know that there are some great idea generators in our team who generate product ideas for you. They suggest products to pick by bearing in mind your need and desire. They provide much time to recognize the mind of customers and select products considering them.

We are unique, obedient, alert and trustworthy. There is a sweet bond among all the team members and always cooperative and helpful to each other.

So, that is we! Hope all of our content and product ideas will be helpful for you. If you have any idea for us or if you want to suggest us something, then you are most welcome. So, please feel free to leave your comment.

About  Authors

Rick Smith

Air Purifier Specialist


Hi, I’m Rick a Passionate writer and expert on air purification system. I’ve worked at a repudiated company in Miami, FL. Me and my friends, we decide to create a site related to Air. My friend Henry and Stephen They both expert on Fan and Air condition systems. Together we run this site. While working on my client I’ve seen a lot people are not so much careful about pure air. But it’s too much important. This can help you with safe allergies, asthma and tobacco smoke. There are two types of air purifier available in the world, they are

  • Active
  • Passive

Active: air purifiers will mainly help release negatively charged ions in to the air. And causing pollutants to stick – surfaces.

Passive: air purification units use air filters to remove air pollutants. It’s a lot more efficient since all the since dust and particular matters are permanently removed from the air and also collect them in filter systems. In our blog, I’ll share my experience and suggestions on best air purifiers and after reading my articles I hope you’ll get a clear idea on air purifiers and also understands which one is suitable for you.

Henry Ronald

Air Conditioner Specialist

Howdy, I’m Henry works for my company and write blogs in my free time. My friend Rick requests me to contribute to this blog. I’m working on air conditioner repair and installations.

The main work of the air conditioner is removing heat and moisture from the interior of an occupied space to improve the comfort of occupants.

In this blog, I’m handling the air conditioner and cooler category. I’m trying to put every small detail which will help you to improve your leaving style and give you a comfortable feel in your home. Read our articles and I hope you found these articles helpful for your life.

Andrew Stephen

Air Cooler and Fan Specialist

Hello, I’m Andrew works for various kinds of fans and air cooler. From 2012 I’m working for Air cooler repair and fan repair. Air Cooler is a great alternative of Air Conditioner not same or similar, but it can try to give you the feel of an air conditioner.

The Air Cooler mainly cools the air using water. The cooling system is depending on the power supply and cooler system and also on the water. If you didn’t feel comfortable with both then you can use fans. There are many types of fans.

Some are luxurious some are affordable. There are many designs and stylish fans are available on the market. But choosing the best of is a little difficult. That’s why I’m here. I’m handling the fan and also air cooler category.

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