Air purifier vs Humidifier: Which Is Best For Your Baby 2021

Air purifier vs humidifier

Undoubtedly baby is the most precious treasure to each parent. As a caring parent, you always love to ensure a comfortable and highest safety home environment for your baby. Firstly, you have to know what will best for your baby’s living environment. Air purifier and humidifier both are the most crucial electrical device for assuring a better home environment. Generally, some parents are confusing about air purifier vs humidifier for baby. What is best for their baby between this device? Besides, you might concern about its harmful effect on your baby.

I am discussing about air purifier vs humidifier for baby. Hopefully, all of your confusion will clear after reading my experience.

which is best : air purifier VS humidifier

Air purifier and humidifier are different from each other basis on their works and quality. Though both of them are the electrical device of performing for improving your home environment more comfortable.

An air purifier mainly works as an air cleaner. Most importantly, it removes almost contaminants, dust, and mites from your room. As a result, your baby will get safety from several health problems like allergy, asthmatics, and sinusitis. Moreover, an air purifier reduces tobacco smoking and control the diaper smell. An air purifier good suggested for all time use so that your baby can take a pure breath from the air.

An air purifier filtering ability works to maintain a standard rule. Which is called HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air)

According to the federal-state department of energy standard, it should have a 99.97 % filterability.

On the other hand, a humidifier is an electrical home appliance. It works for increasing humidity. Similarly, it works by water releasing process and keeps the moisture of a single room or a whole house according to its ability. Most noteworthy, it helps to keep your baby’s body moisture in the winter season. If your baby is suffering from high congestion, a humidifier can be the best things for your baby. This device is not suitable for those who have not any obstruction. And the humidifier is recommended for dry air environment.

Generally, a typical home should have humidity between 40 and 50 % for your baby. 

Why you should use a humidifier ?

Yes, you will notice some unusual symptoms to your babies. Because of some particular reason, your home maybe creates a dry environment. To your baby from the sufferings of over dryness, you should use a humidifier

Reason for creating over dryness:

  • Using room heating for preventing cool
  • Wood burning fireplace in the home
  • Living in a dry climate
  • Over cold environment
  • Over drought or coldness effect on your baby:

  • Air dries out mucous
  • Nose irritate and sinuses problem
  • Rashes can create in the face
  • Respiratory problems
  • Coughing and cold
  • Sickness recovery takes a long time
  • Moreover, your child can feel discomfort and also feel breathing problem in their sleep.

    In the case of above all criteria, a humidifier can easily handle it and prevent all of these problems. Similarly, an air purifier also prevents almost dust and contaminants the air.

    How to check the Moisture in your baby’s room?

    To check the humidity level in your child’s room, you can use a hygrometer gauge. This hygrometer machine will give you the temperature and humidity readout feature. Instead, it is affordable too. I have faced decreasing room temperature to 25%. But, I noticed it was starting to increase after using a humidifier. Humidity was increase to 40-50 percent. This machine is shows almost perfect result and inexpensive too.

    Different types of humidifier for babies’ room

    You can choose a humidifier considering your baby’s safety.

    There are mainly four types of humidifier.

    central humidifiers:

    If you love to moisture your whole house, then a central humidifier is the best choice for you. Because it directly includes your air conditioning or heating system unit. Though it is a little bit expensive but works better than a traditional humidifier. Furthermore, it has no burn risk. So safe for your babies.


    It works almost as a vaporizer. First of all, it blows moisture through the whole room and expels the humidity into the room. These types are affordable but the limitation, it is only for one place.

    impeller humidifiers:

    Impeller humidifier continues its work with the help of high speed rotating disks. Most importantly, it is best child-friendly due to its cooling mist process. Budget is also low.

    ultrasonic humidifiers:

    It creates a cool mist with ultrasonic vibration. Low budget and kids friendly.

    Safety tips for using a humidifier

  • Cleaning is necessary to prevent mold and several bacteria.
  • Needs to check the preserved water regularly, because a humidifier is mostly depending on water quantity.
  • Use a hygrometer to check the humidity. Because over moisture may occur the problem.
  •  best humidifier for baby

    Why you should use a baby air purifier

    Air is the most crucial element in our living environment. Most noteworthy, almost 4.2 million deaths happening every year because of ambient air pollution. 3.8 million death happening every year due to household issues, cookstoves, smoke, and fuels. 

    Most importantly, 91% of people are lives in such areas where the air is already cross the ideal quality of WHO.

  • After shifting any new home
  • When start to live a home after recent construction
  • If any smoker stays at home or comes for visiting, you
  • Having a pet at home and stays in the room
  • problems may feel your baby for polluted air

  • Generally coughing and highly sneezing difficulty occurs
  • Increase the allergies problems
  • Respiratory sickness
  • Frequently cold fever
  • Sinuses problem
  • Feeling discomfort in sleep
  • The benefits of an air purifier

    Baby air purifier is far more beneficial than asthma reducer and allergy triggers for preventing pollution of the destructive element. Here are some advantages of air purifier for baby

    Removing asthma trigger:

    An air purifier removes asthma trigger from your house and saves the babies from an asthma attack. Maximum asthma trigger generally found inside the home. These triggers are including with dry skin cells, dust, carbon monoxide and daily uses air fresher, cosmetics, sprays, perfume, and many more.

    Allergens Remover:

    Another crucial advantage, it removes allergens from dust, pollen, mites, and pet odors. Allergy is the most common disease in recent time. Likewise, babies also attack with this. By using an air purifier, you can easily save your child from this problem.

    Extract airborne asbestos particles:

    An air purifier can suck asbestos from any running construction building. Asbestos is a mineral. It is consistently durable and made from a rich fiver. Moreover, it is heat and chemical resistant. Triggers are mostly found in building construction material.

    Reduce the mesothelioma chancel:

    Another benefit of a baby air purifier, it can save you from mesothelioma and decrease the chance of lung cancer.

    How does an air purifier work?

    Air purifier working process is straightforward. After setting up, it will start work and sucks the room air. Furthermore, it will run through multiple layer filters. The purifier can suck maximum 99.97% dust, impurities, allergens, viruses, and several polluted particles. Most of the purifier can catch particle larger than 0.3 microns. Micron is the standard measure of air particles. One micron is equal to 1/25,400 inch.

    Frequently Asked Question : Air purifier vs Humidifier 

    Which is better air purifier or humidifier?

    Though, these devices individually work for consistently air cleaner and vaporizer. But both of these work for improving indoor air. It is challenging to decide one as best for you. It depends on your particular needs. There are a lot of people using an air purifier. The user of humidifier is also right. Moreover, a good percentage are using both of this device. Most noteworthy, both of these products are great for sinus and respiratory problem.

    Therefore, you have to choose the basis of your needs and priority.

    Are air purifiers suitable for babies?

    Most noteworthy, all air purifier is not suitable for your babies and newborns. Indeed, you have to consider some specific criteria before choosing a baby air purifier. A right HEPA filter and activated carbon filter is an expert suggested best air purifier for babies.

    Similarly, they must avoid the ozone generators and ionic air purifiers. These are good for adults but harmful for babies.

    What kind of humidifier is best for a baby?

    A humidifier has two types of working method. It can exclude cool mist which mixed with the air. Besides, it can emit hot steam in the air. The Honeywell cool mist purifier is best for your baby. Most importantly, it has no possibility of burning. Therefore, try to choose fresh mist purifier for your baby.

    Is it possible to use an air purifier and humidifier together?

    Yes, you can use air purifier and humidifier together. Moreover, there is some combo product of air purifier and humidifier. This two-device can smoothly perform together because these are different from there working activities. So, Don’t worry about air purifier vs. humidifier.

    Final Thoughts

    Don’t be confused air purifier vs humidifier for baby which you should choose. Both have substantial health benefits for your child. You have to select according to your home requirements.

    If you want to save your babies from airborne irritants, then air purifier is the best choice. Similarly, if your home is getting much dryer environment, then a humidifier is a perfect choice.

    I am using both of this device to ensure higher health safety for my babies.My personal opinion for you after using both devices.If you can use a humidifier and air purifier together, it will be the best combination.

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