Coway Airmega 300 Smart Air Purifier: Trusted Review 2022

coway airmega 300

Most probably you are here to search for the Coway airmega 300 the Smarter Air Purifier! If it is true, then we assure that you are in the right place at this moment. Already you have searched a lot for the best air purifier for you but didn't get the perfect one till now, right? If yes, don’t worry anymore!

I confess that it’s really a tough task to find out the best air purifier brands among the thousands of pieces of the market! Considering your emotion, we have run a good race on Amazon! The purpose of our 27 hours of research was to make you smile with the best product.

And you will be glad to know that we have already chosen the best air purifier for you after a long as well as fruitful research! Now it’s time to see the air purifier what we picked as the best one for you.

It’s AIRMEGA 300 the Smarter Air Purifier! The air purifier comes from airmega 300 which is one of the best traditional and well-known companies for manufacturing high-quality air purifier across the world.

When we were in the market to collect the best air purifier then coway airmega 300 review has caught our attention with its peerless as well as eye-catching reviews. Then we moved to it and saw that there is a huge number of positive customer reviews on it!

Feature Of coway airmega 300 smart air purifier

Coway Airmega 300 Smart Air Purifier

The air purifier has already achieved the high-rank position on Amazon. Watching it's outstanding as well as incredible features you will be a great fan of the air purifier for sure!

Also, the air purifier has a great amount of Pros and benefits! And now we are going to share with you all. So, keep reading! 


Definitely, the coway airmega 300 air purifier has a huge amount of pros! We have gotten all of these advantages in our research time and written for you to know. So, let's see them below which we are presenting for you in a row!

  • Easy to use
  • Looks pretty nice
  • Good for allergies
  • Innovative design
  • Has reliable air filter
  • Made of high-quality material
  • It has Wi-Fi for remote control
  • Built with the modern technology
  • Perfect for small to medium rooms
  • It can be used in the bedroom for sleep mode


We haven't met any of the cons of the coway airmega 300 air purifier during our research time! All of the reviews were too positive and satisfied. We have gotten a single con of the air purifier after thinking deeply overall. And the con is, it is an expensive air purifier.


It’s time to keep your eyes engaged on AIRMEGA 300's amusing features! It has a plenty of mesmerizing features which makes its users proud and satisfied. Its excellent and eye-catching features turned it into an exclusive air purifier for the best air purifier seekers.

Therefore, we have collected all of the features and given it below in a row for your better convenience. So, let's see them!

Real-time Air Quality Monitoring

coway Airmega 300 has the most effective pollution sensor! The sensor will assist you to know the indoor air quality in real-time. There is a brightly colored LED ring in which you may know indoor air is fresh or unhealthy. And it will monitor the air quality every minute of the day.

Three different modes

There are three types of smart mode of AIRMEGA 300! Different modes are used for different work. Let's see them!

Smart Auto Mode: This mode is conducive to adjust the fan speed that is based on the room's current quality. The fan will rotate slowly if the air quality is good. On the other hand, the fan will rotate fast when the air quality is really unhealthy!

Smart Eco Mode: It's another outstanding mode of AIRMEGA 300! The air purifier can save energy by means of the smart eco mode. If the air quality remains good for 10 or more minutes, the AIRMEGA shut down the fan for saving energy. Again the fan will restart automatically when the sensors detect any pollutants.

Smart Sleep Mode: Airmega’s sensors not only detect pollution but also detect light! It will mitigate noise and power consumption when the room is dark and it has been clean for 3 minutes.

airmega 300 filter: Max2 Filter Technology

Max2 Filter air purifier

AIRMEGA 300 uses two different filters to provide cleaner air! Let’s see them.

Pre-Filter: As the first defense, it uses micro mesh to collect bigger particles such as dust, hair, and fur.

Max2 Activated Carbon Filter w/Green True HEPA Filter: This is an ultimate defense after pollutants! It reduces up to 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger pollutants like allergens, pollen, and fungi, harmful gases, VOCs, food smells, cigarette odor, and so on!

This powerful Max2 filter will last nearly 12 months! And the replacement is as easy as opening the side covers, removing the existing pre-filter, and then putting the new Max2 filter in the right place!

The Smart Air Purifier App

Smart air purifier app added another great dimension to AIRMEGA 300! You can keep control over the indoor and outdoor air quality in real time by using a smart air purifier app. It will help you to know when the air quality of your home is at its best when it isn't! You will receive an automatic notification if the filter needs to replace.

Final verdict

How was the true story of AIRMEGA 300? Most probably you read carefully and really pleased with the above information! Considering your searching anxiety, we have shared the information with you so that you can’t go wrong. Our main purpose was to assist you in introducing with the best air purifier in the market.

That’s why we have given a long time on research and then we have come out with the AIRMEGA 300! In the write-up, we have narrated the information what we collected in our research time. Now, we feel satisfaction because you have gotten the solution of your searching anxiety!

We hope that you are seriously thinking of AIRMEGA 300 the Smarter Air Purifier to purchase as the best choice for you!

Have a nice time with your beloved air purifier! 🙂

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