Are Air Purifiers Safe For Babies? The Expert Reviews 2021

Are Air Purifiers Safe For Babies

As a parent, I know my little one's safety is the top priority. So maybe there are several questions pops up in mind, Are Air Purifiers Safe for Babies? Or do I need an air purifier for baby?

And if it’s safe then what is the best air purifier for baby?

Providing a healthy environment is a crucial part of caring for your baby, especially newborn.

What is the first thing came to your mind when you thought to make a safe, hygienic atmosphere?

It’s the breathing or inhaling exhaling process, right?


The pattern of breathing in a baby is quite different than adults. On the other hand, invisible pollutants and dust are quite harmful to our sweeties.

Keep reading, and you’ll find out all the answer. Before everything allow me to explain what an Air Purifiers is and are air purifiers a waste of money.

Are Air Purifiers Safe For Babies - what is an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are referred to as air cleaners, work to keep the home's climate healthy by eliminating polluting particles like pollen and dust. Portable air purifiers work to remove pollutants from the air. However, Indoor air pollutants categories into two main categories:

  • Particulate matter: biological pollutants like dust mites, molds, animal dander bacteria, and viruses.
  • Gaseous pollutants: Things like varnishes, paints, pesticides, and adhesives.

Now come to the point, Air purifiers perform to filter these contaminants out of the air.  As a result, anyone sensitive to asthmatic or allergens symptoms might get benefit from an air purifier. In fact, it plays a helpful role.

Should I Use an Air Purifier in My Baby's Room?

Usually, babies breathe 38 to 60 times which is almost twice the amount a grown up adult. Normally we breathe 16 to 20 times per minute.

Does it make any sense?

Yes, the inhale and exhale process of the baby is a bit different than us. So you need some extra care.

It’s the question you secretly dread, what are the best air purifiers for the home and should I use it? An air purifier can be the best investment in ensuring your little prince or princesses grow up strong and healthy.

Here are some points that will clear out why you need an air purifier for your baby:

  • The immature immune system of your baby is not so strong.
  • Babies are born with underdeveloped defense mechanisms.
  • From infant to toddler age, babies go through rapid development in the neurological, respiratory, and immune systems.

As we mentioned earlier, an air purifier removes these entire harmful particle and protect the environment. So now you can realize the importance of air purifier in the home.

Are Air Purifiers Safe For Babies

We are talking about Are air purifiers safe for babies ?Air purifiers are becoming popular among health-conscious parents. It is important to keep the air as hygienic as possible as your baby’s lungs will still be developing. Therefore, you may like to consider investing an air purifier.

Still not convinced?

Well, then here are some noteworthy benefits which will indicate that they are nothing but can be a great friend of you.

Safety from Hidden toxin!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read, a huge amount of molds, bacteria, viruses or other allergens floating in our house frequently. The fact is the air inside our house can even be more polluted and harmful than outside.

Quite alarming, isn’t it?

The reason behind of all this, homes are airtight. Hence, once any pollutant enters the house, it’s hard for it to escape. As an air purifier works to remove those entire harmful particles, it performs as a protector.

You Have Pets; Baby Has Allergies!

If you adore animals and your baby is allergic in pet h​​​​air, fur or danger, then the scenario seems quite messy. You can’t leave the lovable creatures. An air purifier can be the best solution in this case. It will filter those dander to leave the air cleaner and healthier not only for your little cutie but for everyone in the house.

Help to breathe easier!

Whether your toddler is showing symptoms of asthma or an allergy, using a high-efficiency purifier in his room is a necessary preventative practice. Inhaling dust, mould spores and pollens are not only bad for you with healthy systems, but quite harmful for babies with developing systems.

Get rid of the Smells of Dirty Nappies!

Bad odor or smells is not only bothersome but also sickening. So If your baby's room seems to absorb odors from a smoking roommate, dirty nappies, or your furry pet, a purifier could be just what you need to remove unwanted smells. At the same time, it will leave the air refresh and enjoyable to breathe.

Help Baby Sleep Better!

As air purifier keeps the sniffles at bay, helping the baby breathe easier. As a result, your child may experience better sleep. It is a rare combination of power and efficiency, but super-quiet as well.  We all know Children who sleep 10 to 12 hours per night awaken refreshed, and well-rested.a sound sleep will help to be attentive, cheerful, and able to learn.

Awesome Health benefits!

Thinking of do air purifiers improves health? Then have a look at the health benefits of an air purifier include:

  • Fewer headaches
  • Reduced allergies
  • Try to keep control of respiratory dysfunction
  • Lower risk of worsening bronchitis
  • Decrease the chance of cancer (exposure to harmful chemicals)
  • Fewer shifts in mood

Are Air Purifiers Safe For Babies or Not

Many air purifiers on the market right now are dangerous, particularly for babies and young children. Therefore, keep an eye on this and look into all the features you plan to buy and figure out exactly how it works.

Red flag: Air purifier to avoid

If you’re looking a purifier for the baby, avoid two types of system or technology at all costs. These are:

  • Ozone Generators
  • Ionic Air Purifiers

Ozone Generators: Ozone Generators emit ozone into the air; it will worsen the problems like nasal passages, respiratory system, and eyes. Just stay away from it.

Ionic Air Purifiers: Ionic Air Purifiers are fully safe for grown up and adults. But not recommended for Babies. These types of purifier can damage their organs or respiratory system.

What to Consider When Making That Purchase

When it comes to picking an air purifier for baby’s room try to pick something which contains any of the technology.

  • HEPA Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter

HEPA Filter

A HEPA filter can trap tiny particles below 0.3 microns, seven times smaller than the size or thickness of our hair. However, it can lock in 99.97% of unwanted particles which pass through the filter including pollen, dust, mold spores, some bacteria, pet dander, and more.

Activated Carbon Filter

An Activated Carbon Filter helps remove VOCs (volatile compounds) and smelly odors by absorbing them from the air.

You should know, VOCs are not only used in cleaning products but also present in paint, furniture, decorations, carpeting, and other items inside your baby’s room. You may not find the smell of these chemicals in the air, that doesn’t mean it has no existence.

Best Air Purifier for the Baby Room: Safe Features

I already discussed the buying guide to pick the right one for your baby. The market is flooded with plenty of air purifier. As we mention earlier, most of them are not suitable for your baby.We recommend some Best air purifier for baby which are fully safe. Have a look.

1. AeraMax 100 Air Purifier- Asthma & Allergy Friendly

Automatic air purifier with AeraSmart Sensor monitors the air quality. The cool this of this purifier is, it automatically adjusts its fan speed to keep the air purifier.

2. GermGuardian Full Room Air Purifier

It includes HEPA Filter which captures 99.97% of allergens and dust as small as .3 microns (household dust, mold spores, pet dander, and plant pollens)

3. Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier

3 Stage cleaning system removes a range of allergens: cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, odors, pet dander, mold spores, and organic chemicals.

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