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re Air Purifiers Safe for Pet

Are air purifiers Safe for pets ? Yes its, safe for your pet . I will share with you a lots of information what is the best air purifier for pet ?

A pet is the best friend to its owner. To a pet lover, pets are equally as important as any other family members. Some pets might be beneficial but all pets are a great companion to human beings. Apart from all the positive factors, there are some additional consequences that we cannot avoid.

Usually, the indoor atmosphere we live in already contains so many pollutants such as dust, dirt, mites, mold, and pollen and so on. People who are allergic to dust often suffer from allergy, asthma or respiratory problems due to the airborne pollutants.

Having pets at home means pet dander, odor, hair, germs or feather. You might be fond of dogs, cats, birds, rabbits or any other animal. Every kind of pets shed hair, dander, and odor. When there is a pet at home, the risk of getting sick becomes higher.

Therefore, it is demand for both the human and animals to have fresh, breathable air. Fortunately, there is the air purifier that is highly recommended and used in order to remove airborne pollutants from the indoor atmosphere. 

Do we need an air purifier for the pet

Well, we have already discussed above what happens to the air quality when you have a pet at home. You may say that you maintain deep cleaning or vacuum cleaning your house regularly. If you think profoundly, the pollutants that are in the air hardly can be seen in naked eyes. When we are cleaning, we are simply dusting off the dust and dirt that are on the kitchen cabinet, table top, counter top, furniture, and carpet and so on.

On the other hand, the pets in your house shed hair continuously. When they move throughout the house, their hair and skin fall outs spread everywhere. Besides, the pollutants like pet hair, dander, skin cells or feather are so tiny. Some are even the size of a few microns. You may clean your house twice or thrice a day, you can never stay out of pet hair and dander. And, how about the germs and bacteria that float in the air?

Therefore, it's easy to understand that no matter how many times you clean the house, the pollutants cannot be completely removed and we cannot ensure a germ-free indoor air.

So, it’s fair enough to say that only the traditional way of cleaning or deep cleaning with regular technology may remove dirt, dust, and large pollutant particles. However, it can never eliminate the health-damaging airborne and pet-induced pollutants.

For that reason, having an air purifier can at least ensure pollutant free breathable air for your family members as well as for your pets. 

Are air purifiers Safe for pets?

If you are looking for an removing pet hair from air, it's recommended to have a HEPA air purifier. So, when you install an air purifier at home or workplace, it becomes active to remove every tiny particle of contaminants from the air. The technology is designed in a way that when the device is turned on, the fan pulls in the indoor air.

Then, the HEPA filter separates the pollutants from the air. Only this filter has the capacity to remove microns of pet hair, dust, dirt, pollen, mold, dander, and any other tiny particles of pollutants. So, eventually, when all the pollutants are evacuated from the air, the device sends out the fresh air into the atmosphere.

When the air purifier comes with a combination of HEPA filter and carbon filter, then it will not only remove the airborne pollutants but also the unpleasant odor. So, if there is a problem of pet odor along with the dander and hair, you can buy the air purifier that contains HEPA and Carbon filter.

How Safe Is The Air Purifier For Your Pet?

Animals and human beings have similar instincts and health needs. So, it's safe to say that an air purifier is completely safe also for your pet. But, here some key factors you need to keep in mind and maintain.

1. You should refrain from buying an air purifier for pet allergies. The ionize filter leaves ions in the atmosphere while filtering the air. So, it's equally harmful to health for your family members and pet.

2. Carbon filter containing air purifiers are safe to use. It can successfully remove unpleasant odor-induced by pet and smoke. But, if there is stinking odor like urine, it won't possibly remove it completely. So, you might need to take additional measure for this.

3. Make sure the air purifier runs continuously. Otherwise, you won't be able to ensure all the pollutants free indoor air for all. 

Final Verdict

If there is a pet or not, it is highly recommended to have an air purifier at your home and save yourself from unwanted health issues. When you have a pet at home, you may look for the best air purifier for pet dander that contains HEPA and carbon filter.

So, we can confidently say and suggest you have an air purifier for your home without any worries. It's definitely safe and even beneficial not only for your pet but also for all other family members.

But, before you purchase an air purifier, we would recommend you to consider the purpose and specification of the air purifier and buy the best one. We assure you that you will find noticeable development in your health as you start using an air purifier at home. Your pets will love it and you will love it too.

Wishing you to have a safe, breathable and germs free air and assure a healthy lifestyle for all!

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