Benefits Of Air Purifier For Baby: Updated in 2021

Benefits Of Air Purifier For Baby

Babies are always prone to get sick easily. Thus, parents tend to be concerned about maintaining their good health. However, no matter how best quality food, water or supplements you provide, if the air is not clean enough, your child definitely would fall sick. Because children under 10 and especially the infants usually suffer from chronic disease or breathing problem.

Certainly, parents do take care of their babies at their best, but it's near to possible to remove the pollutants from the air in bare hands all day long. Therefore, the users prefer to use air purifier because a HEPA air purifier can at least remove the pollutants up to 99.97%. However, some parents are skeptical about an air purifier for babies. If you are also unsure about such a device, I would like to explain the tremendous benefits you can get using an air purifier for baby.

Benefits of air purifier for baby

The surprising truth is the indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor air. On top of that this air contains different types of pollutants including dust, dirt, mold, pollen, mite, virus, germs and so on. Often, we don't see them in bare eyes. However, they are floating in the air and get stuck in furniture, carpet, mattress, etc. when daily, weekly or monthly cleaning does not give you the satisfactory result, it's time to get the best air purifier for your precious baby. Because it will ensure short term and long term benefit for your baby’s growth.

Prevent mosquitoes

Prevent mosquitoes

One of the greatest fear of any home is a mosquito. You may close the doors, windows and use aerosol to prevent them. But, aerosol contains VOCs which is also harmful to the baby’s lungs. What do you do? You can use air purifier because it can effectively prevent the mosquitoes. One of the dangerous mosquitos is malaria which you can get rid of using an air purifier.

Remove the source of allergies

Allergy is a common problem for almost all babies. Compared to the adults, the babies breathe 40 to 50 times per minute. Since our air contains dust, dirt, mold, pollen, pet hair, dander, fiber, and other airborne pollutants, children intake the contaminants when they breathe in. if your baby is suffering from dust allergy, you will notice a skin rash, sneezing, coughing, and fever. The situation can get worse and they can get diseases like eczema, lungs cancer, and asthma and so on. However, a true HEPA air purifier can work as your lifesaver. As I have mentioned earlier a HEPA air purifier can remove 99.97% pollutants and it can also capture tiny particles up to 0.3 microns which means the baby will breathe pure air and the chance of allergies will be minimized.

Trap cigarette smoke and particles

We all know how dreadful cigarette smoke is yet you can't help it if you are living with a smoker. The strong smell of nicotine can hamper the baby’s sleep. Not only that the smoke particles can also cause breathing problem and at worse it can cause cancer for babies as well as adults. The immune system of babies are very weak therefore, they cannot easily fight with germs and bacteria. However, the good news is if you purchase a high-quality True HEPA air purifier with a carbon filter, you can easily get rid of smoke particles and odor.

Ensure peaceful sleep for babies

Sleep for baby’s growth is crucial. In the case of newborns, they spend most of their time sleeping. If the sleep hampers due to noise, odor, skin rashes or breathing problem, you will find your baby crying or irritated. When you have an air purifier, it will ensure the source of these issues is completely removed. The purifier will remove the particles and send out the fresh air. Thus, your baby will be able to sleep in peace. Here, you need to be careful finding the noise-free air purifier.

Remove VOC from aerosol, spray, pants, etc

VOC means volatile organic compounds. These elements are found in gaseous form that can result in leukemia and lymphoma. When we are at home, we tend to use a spray like perfume, aerosol, paint, furniture cleaner, air freshener and so on. All of these elements contain chemicals. Along with other airborne pollutants, the air purifier can also remove the VOCs from other sources.

Reduce the propensity of asthma

So far I have mentioned how an air purifier can improve the present indoor atmosphere. The users do agree that over time, they have noticed improved health condition especially for those who used to suffer from asthma, breathing problem or related issues. Since you are concerned about the child, know that half of the asthma patients are children. Therefore, if you use air purifier properly for a year at home, you will definitely find your child got better from heart diseases if any. It means breathing fresh air the demand for all, not just children. If you want your asthma to heal, you should get an air purifier for family members.

Reduce the chance of getting cold, fever, cough, etc

Another major health risk for children is pneumonia. When a child is suffering from cold for a long time, it can turn to pneumonia. One of the reasons for such disease is inhaling the polluted air. A large number of children die of pneumonia, allergy and breathing problem. Hence, having an air purifier will remove the root cause of it. When the baby will inhale the fresh air, the chance of getting cold, fever and coughing will be reduced. As a result, you won't have to worry about major health diseases like pneumonia or lungs cancer.

Strengthen the immune system

Intaking proper nutrition, drinking fresh water and breathing fresh air is the key to have a strong immune system. Though you can ensure nutritious food and pure water, it becomes difficult to ensure fresh air. Cleaning can do the job for a while but you will still see dust and dirt are on top of the furniture. When you get an air purifier, at least you can ensure fresh air at home. Even if you are expecting to have a baby, breathing fresh air will also help you giving birth to a newborn with strong immunity.

Eradicate unpleasant odor

It's true that not all air purifier can remove odor. Odor also affects the air quality which can hamper baby sleep. Therefore, to remove the unpleasant smell of baby diaper, cigarette smoke, or kitchen smell, you can get an air purifier with a carbon filter. The carbon filter successfully removes any types of odor so that your baby can fall asleep quickly and stay in peace.

Remove molds from moisturized area

During the rainy season, mold is a major problem. We can see mold in a moisturized area like a bathroom, basement, kitchen, store area, etc. They are harmful to skin and health. However, having an air purifier at home, it will remove the moist from the room and keep everything dry. Mold also contains germs and bacteria that can cause skin rashes. So, you will be able to get rid of the fungus and virus that may cause fever, headache, coughing, sneezing and so on using an air purifier. It will ensure a room is pollutant free and dry so that you can live and sleep peacefully.

Ensure moisture balance during winter

Too much moisture is not pleasant for us. Likewise, the too dry atmosphere is also unfavorable. During winter, our indoor atmosphere becomes dry due to using a heater. The furniture in the room takes away all the moisture. Thus, we feel crack skin, chapped lip for babies. Dry skin also causes itchiness. Thus, the moisture balance in the indoor atmosphere is important. Here, the air purifier can improve the air quality for you. It will not only clean the air but also ensure the room has a proper balance of moisture during winter.

Improve respiratory system

Our respiratory system is mostly affected due to breathing polluted air. As a result, we suffer from frequent fever, headache, lungs issues, cold, allergies and so on. If you start using an air purifier, eventually you will notice the problems got better. A lot of users also claimed that they no longer have allergy or asthma problems due to breathing fresh air. So, if you keep using an air purifier for a good period of time, you will be able to ensure a strong respiratory system for your little ones and other family members as well.

Final Thought

Now you are well aware of the benefits of using an air purifier for baby. Are you convinced to buy one now? I would say you must not waste your time anymore. The purpose of having an air purifier not just to remove the pollutants from the air. The impacts are remarkably beneficial for our baby’s and other family member’s health. Trust me! As you start using this amazing device, you will agree with me that your child’s immunity, the respiratory system got better. I would strongly recommend you to have one now. Keep all your worries aside and find the best air purifier for baby now!

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