Best Dehumidifier For Bathroom – Top Rated Reviews 2022

Best Dehumidifier for Bathroom

I know how it feels when humidity is increased in a specific space at home. Due to the structural problem, ventilation problem, and other reasons the walls get wet and these cause rise of humidity. Increased humidity in the bathroom is a common problem almost in every home. For high humidity in the bathroom, you may face some serious mold effect, fungus and bacteria growth at your bathroom. So, what to do to control the humidity as mold, fungus, and bacteria can lead your health to a serious problem? Well, you can use a best dehumidifier for bathroom to control the humidity.

We all know that the bathroom has high humidity than the other places in the room. It’s very important to control the humidity for your health. I know your feelings about high humidity and for this, I have listed down the best mini dehumidifier for bathroom with their descriptions, pros, and cons. Let’s explore what is waiting for you.

Top Dehumidifier For Bathroom - Reviews In 2022

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1. Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier

The Eva-Dry-Edv-1100 is a well known small portable Thermo-Electric dehumidifier. If you need any dehumidifier for large space and compressor-based dehumidifier then this is the best for you. It is among the best small dehumidifier for the bathroom. This dehumidifier will be best if you use it to dehumidify a small room or bathroom slowly. As a bathroom dehumidifier, you may expect less noise from it. Eva-Dry Edv-1100 contains whisper technology that generates quite sound. Measuring the noise level of this dehumidifier we received an average of 50.9 dB. This will be perfect for both houses as well as office as it won’t distract you with noise.

The water tank of this dehumidifier can keep 8 ounces of water. The auto shut-down feature is a great attachment of the Eva-Dry Edv-1100. If the humidity is sufficiently lowered, it will shut down itself. Portability of the tool is extremely easy because it doesn’t need any batteries or electricity. So, you can easily transfer the Eva-Dry Edv-1100 as it has the lightest weight among the bathroom dehumidifier.

Eva-Dry Edv-1100 dehumidifier is a small humidifier uses thermo-electric. For ensuring a quiet environment it offers Peltier technology. You can use it for 110 sq. ft. The Eva-dry dehumidifier has a measure of 6.×4.5×8.5. You will get a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Affordable in price.
  • Plug and play setup
  • Auto shut- down feature.
  • LED light will automatically turn on.


  • A little bit expensive compared to others.

2. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

Your search for the best dehumidifier has over now. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier will offer to remove the excess moisture from small spaces like the bathroom. It is important to know that this machine is not for all type of spaces or places. Pro Breeze efficiently and quickly removes damp, mold & moisture from the air. So, it has been also popular for a dehumidifier for bathroom mold. Pro Breeze has Thermo-Electric Cooling technology (Peltier).

This allows a quiet operation of the machine which is essential for both office and bedrooms. Also, it works well in high humidity places like kitchen, bathroom, caravan & garage. If you see the bathroom humidifier reviews, you may know that the optimal operating temperature of dehumidifier is 59-86°F. Pro Breeze also won’t be efficient under 41°F. Most of the case we are very keen to know the moisture remove amount per day. For that case, you will be happy to know that Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier can remove 9 ounces of moisture in a day. The ideal working space of this machine is 150 sq. ft.

Product dimensions of the machine 7x6x11 inches and also has a lightweight 2.4 pounds. Box size for collecting water is 16x18x28 cm. In the box, they will give you a Dc Adaptor as well as an Instruction manual.


  • It is compact in shape.
  • Emptying the water sink is easy.
  • Auto shut-off feature allows it to give proper humidity.
  • The machine runs without a compressor that produces almost no sound.


  • It won’t be enough for open space.

3. Hysure Quiet And Portable Dehumidifier

The dehumidifier eliminates the damp air in your home. It has a sleek portable design to keep the bathrooms, closet dry and mold-free. Also Hysure Quiet and Portable Dehumidifier maintains a comfortable humidity level. Absorption of water may depend on room temperature and relative humidity but the estimate range is 86 ⁰ F and 80% relative humidity.

This dehumidifier also works on whisper-quiet operation method. So, you may use it house as well as office comfortably. Generally, as dehumidifier for the bathroom, it can collect 10oz of water from the air per day. When the water tank is full, it will stop automatically. It is known as an automatic shut off feature. Other then, you can also measure water amount in the tank by seeing it from outside as the water tank is transparent.

The product dimensions of the Hysure Quiet 6.4″ H x5.2″ W x5,25″ will offer you a long cord, so that you may able to plug in within 71″. Also, the weight is 2.6.5 lb. and seems light compared to others. This dehumidifier needs a 9V power supply and 23W. The manufacturer will offer you one Deluxe Mini Dehumidifier, one removable water tank, one ac adaptor and one user manual for perfect operation.


  • Light in weight and looks fashionable.
  • Automatic safety shut off system.
  • Easy one-button control allows you to control easily and accurately.
  • Long cord offers you to set up a comfortable position.


  • A little bit expensive.

4. Ivation Ivadm35 Powerful Mid-size Thermo-electric Dehumidifier

Are you looking for a sleek shape and quiet in operation dehumidifier? Then consider this unit. The Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Mid-size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier has a lightweight and suitable for limited spaces. This compact dehumidifier will transform the air of your home within a short time. As a compact dehumidifier, it seems easy to move around. You can also set the dehumidifier in a suitable position according to your need as it has a long cord and lightweight.

You may also think it is a water-down version of industry size dehumidifier but, in a compact design, it offers a powerful and whispers free operation. The machine is suitable for 2,200 cubic feet and perfect for collecting moistures, dust particles and mold. Estimate temperature of the unit is 86 ⁰ F and estimate relative humidity is 80%.

Auto shut-off features allow the machine to stop work automatically and indicator light indicates at the time to empty the tank. Dimensions of the Ivation IVADM35 are 9.6” X14” X7.2” and weight is 4.85 pounds. A 12V DC power adapter has been included in it and power consumption peaks at 72W.


  • Low power demand
  • Quiet in operation as it has Advanced Peltier Technology.
  • Covers a large space which is suitable for 2,200 cubic feet.


  • Tank capacity is only 2 liters.

5. Homelabs Small Space Dehumidifier

Searching for a small dehumidifier for bathroom molds? Then hOmeLabs small space Dehumidifier is for you. It is compact and sleek in shape. So, it will be fit almost anywhere without any hazard.  Generally, it works well in any room within 150 square feet and removes moisture and mold carefully.

The hOmeLabs has Thermo-Electric Peltier module, as a result, is considered one of the quietest dehumidifiers of the generation. So, you can use it both house and office bathrooms. It also offers 25W ETL certified adaptor for energy efficiency thus prevents overheating. You should not operate this machine for all day & night.

The lightweight home dehumidifier has a dimension of 6.5 x 5.3 x 8.5 inches.  It has a requirement of 110V power supply with 2 flat pin plug. Auto shut-off triggers with LED light and indicates you to empty the water tank.


  • It offers a removable filter for cleaning.
  • Advanced Thermo-Electric Peltier module
  • Compressed in size but looks fashionable.
  • When the water tank is full, auto shut-off feature works then to stop collecting moisture.


  • You have to shut the machine off for 12 hours a day.

6. Gurin Thermo Electric Mini Dehumidifier

Gurin Thermo Electric Mini Dehumidifier eliminates the issues linked with humidity and moisture. It is widely known as a small dehumidifier for the bathroom. The main advantage of the Gurin is, you can set it anyplace like small workbench or desk. If you go through bathroom dehumidifier reviews, you may understand that it is one of the most energy-efficient dehumidifiers in this generation. Gurin shallows little energy at the time of operation.

This is what that makes the unit unique and environment-friendly and also you may notice a small change in your electric bills. Like every dehumidifier for bathroom mold, this unit has also a quiet operation and portability. That is why it suitable for small spaces. Also, it has lightweight as well as a sleek shape those combinations will allow you to put the unit any position. 

Gurin Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier DMD210V has a dimension of 6″ x  8.5″ x 5″ and 2.6 pounds. It has 3″ x 3″ DC brush less motor and can suck up to 86 ⁰ F and 80% RH. The power adapter is 9V DC 2.5 Amp. You can use it small and mid-size room, desk, closet, boat, and R.V.s. The water tank is spill-proof and collects up to 16oz.


  • Energy-efficient dehumidifier.
  • Spill-proof water tank
  • Available customer service and replacement parts availability are high.


  • Not suitable for large spaces.

7. Hysure Quiet And Portable Dehumidifier

Are you interested to improve your life quality using small appliances? Hysure has a special design that can easily suit your home. It can remove molds and mildew by reducing excess moisture. Dehumidification volume of the unit is 250ml/day which ensures the suitable humidity. Generally, Hysure is perfect for 10-20 meters spaces and works well up to 86⁰ F as well as 80% RH.

Whisper-quiet operation of the unit has made it generous. Noise level is lower than 37dB. So that it won’t disturb you in your study, sleep and office. Hysure has an exquisite and compact shape that ensures a lightweight and easy portability. Again, it is not just a unit that works well. It also has a low impact on the environment.

The upgrade of Hysure offers a dehumidifier with no chemicals and low energy consumption. The actual dimension of the unit is 15.6 x 13 x 22 cm and is made with ABS plastic material. For smooth operation, it needs 9V and 21W. the pretty lightweight of 5.9 lb.


  • Clean and fashionable design.
  • Large capacity water tank, it can collect up to 500 ml.
  • Auto-shutoff feature.
  • One button controlling system makes it controlling system easier.


  • Not suitable for large space.

8. Trustech Electric Dehumidifier

Have you found any 2 air inlets (front and back) bathroom humidifier? If you haven’t found any then this dehumidifier is for you. As it has two inlets, it turns into a great efficient unit. TRUSTECH Dehumidifier is suitable for 23 m/ 220 sq. ft. apartment and works well in 86⁰ F. Super quiet operation system makes it one of the quietest dehumidifiers.  Only 30dB sound is produced by it. Fan speed is 2600rpm. That helps to remove moisture in a short time and soundlessly. So that it won’t be a problem for your sleep, study, and office.

This machine is popular for its anti-flow feature. Built-in Auto-off system helps to shut off the system when the tank is full. Then the LED indicator will turn into yellow. You don’t have to bother about spilling out water from the tank. Everyday TRUSTECH Dehumidifiers can gather excess moisture from the indoor environment that enclosed space within 269 sq. ft. it filters dust and exquisite particles from the air through the photocatalyst filter screen and ensures you clean and dry air.

The exact dimension of the unit is 8.6 x 6.5 x 4 inches and has a lightweight of 2.3 lb. it is made with ABS plastic material. It requires 100-240 watt to run the unit. The volume of the tank is 500 ml and it can collect moisture up to 250 ml per day.


  •  LED light will automatically turn on.
  • Large capacity water tank, it can collect up to 500 ml.
  • Efficient and effective for your home environment


  • Covers only a small area.

9. Seavon Electric Mini Dehumidifier

For bathroom, basement or a small place, this mini dehumidifier is suitable enough. It has the feature of auto shut –off mechanism which will turn off automatically. The SEAVON electric dehumidifier is small in size and very easy to bear one place to another. The tank capacity of this product is 500 ml. This is the best dehumidifier for bathroom mold and you will get rid of mold within a few days.

When it’s time to drain the tank, the LED of the machine will turn red. Then, you will remove the tank and clean it. There is a unique technology of the thermometric cooling system is used in this dehumidifier for remaining quiet when it runs. You will have a temperature of 59 to 86 degree Fahrenheit. It will cover about 1500 cubic feet and it’s perfect for a small room.

The dehumidifier comes with a cool and clean design and as it’s noiseless you will not feel bad. The product size is 6.5 x 5.3 x 11.5 inches and the weight of the product is 2.4 lbs. The SEAVON Electric mini dehumidifier works very well and can control the humidity in your room. The product will use 22.5W electricity to run. You can carry this dehumidifier to your office and other places too for its portability. Lots of users are using it and they are very much satisfied with this one.


  • This is light-weighted and very much portable.
  • Auto shut-off feature works very effectively.
  • Control humidity with less sound.


  • The product is not suitable for a large space.

10. Vremi 1 Pint Compact Portable Dehumidifier

Are you searching for an ideal compact dehumidifier? Well, with a removable water tank, this product is amazing. You can remove the water tank and re-insert it by your choice when it’s time to change and clean the water tank. The water tank has the capacity of 1.5L and the moisture capacity of 480 ml which will help you for dehumidifying your indoor environment. As it’s great for a small room you can easily use it in your bathroom. You will find the coverage of 150 square feet area from this dehumidifier.

The living mold, mites, bacteria will be reduced by this small dehumidifier. The Vremi 1 Pint dehumidifier is quiet and portable. A low noisy device will be more effective in daily use as you will not feel irritated. Again, this product is light-weighted and that’s why it will be easy for you to transfer the product from one place to another.

The dehumidifier comes with an auto shut down feature. There is also an LED indicator to indicate the temperature. It’s also very easy to use and comfortable for breathing. The dimension for the dehumidifier is 7 x 4.9 x 11 inches and the weight is of 4 lbs.  This is one of the best dehumidifiers for your bathroom. This is suitable for both cool and hot temperature and it will control your indoor moisture.


  • This product is very light-weighted.
  • There is an indicator light which can indicate water tank status.
  • The water tank is removable and easy to re-insert.


  • The water tank can show leakage.

Why You Need Dehumidifier For Bathroom?

Those who have mold allergies can understand the importance of reducing the mold form living place. High humidity will increase the number of molds. A bathroom is a place of high humidity you need to decrease the humidity by using a dehumidifier. Naturally, the bathroom is a warm place with high moist. For that reason, you will feel hesitate as your sweat will not soak naturally. Many bathrooms do not come with ventilating or they are poorly ventilated. At that situation fungus and bacteria also take birth in large number.

This fungus can harm your skin and bacteria will harm your health. So, you will need a dehumidifier for your bathroom, if you want to remain comfortable with no disease. You can have a small dehumidifier for bathroom and reduce the humidity. The best dehumidifier can give you the best result and can save you from the diseases. So, I will recommend you to buy the best dehumidifier for your bathroom.

Guide To Buying The Best Dehumidifier For Bathroom

Well, you need to know about many important parameters before buying the best baby dehumidifier. As you are buying your product for your bathrooms only so it need not be large. However, like the size, there are also some other parameters that you should consider before buying. 


Before buying a dehumidifier you need to see whether it is portable or not. A portable dehumidifier can give you the chance to bear it from one place to another place with ease. You won’t buy a couple of dehumidifier for different rooms where you can use a single dehumidifier for that task. So, portability and light-weight is a must for buying a dehumidifier.


Efficiency matters when you are going to buy a machine. A dehumidifier is an electric device you need to check its efficiency before buying.  The best dehumidifier comes with great efficiency. To check efficiency you should measure the output that you are getting from your input.


When we talk about noise what the worst thing you can remember? Yes, exactly it is your sleep disturbance. There are two kind frequencies in the sound. When we feel irritated by sound we call that sound noise. However, before buying a dehumidifier we should check whether the machine creates more noise or not. The best dehumidifier comes with the feature of less noise. So, you should go for a bathroom dehumidifier that creates less noise and give you comfort. 


If you are going to buy a dehumidifier then you should check the water capacity that a dehumidifier can hold. The water tank capacity determines that when you should change the water. For a small water tank, you will have to change it to and fro.


Cord length plays a vital role here. When you buy a dehumidifier for your bathroom you should check the cord length before. For a long corded dehumidifier, you can set that device anywhere at your bathroom easily. You should place your device in a place where water can’t reach and that’s how you can get better output from that dehumidifier.


Most of the mini dehumidifier covers a short area which is perfect for bathrooms and small areas. You should check the coverage before buying the dehumidifier. It depends on your bathroom size or room size where you are going to place that. Square feet mean length and width and the cubic feet mean length, width, and height.


Appearance is a great parameter which should be checked before buying a machine. You and your guest will use your bathrooms and your eyes will go to the dehumidifier which you are using at your bathroom. So, the dehumidifier should be looking great. The design should be eye-catching.


An electric device should have the feature of using it easily. Most of the time you will find that the procedure of using an ordinary dehumidifier is difficult and it takes time for maintaining that device. On the other hand, the best dehumidifier comes with easy to use the feature. The cleaning process should also be very easy otherwise you will not clean it every week.  Everybody wants to save time, so why not you?  


The best dehumidifier comes with an LED light indication which can indicate when the water tank gets full. This light also helps the machine to auto shut-off. You should not manually check for the water tank if your dehumidifier has the LED indication.  


It is somewhat similar to the efficiency of your machine. The use of electricity by your dehumidifier is certainly a major thing to look for before buying it. You know that, less electric resource and we should go for those electric devices which use less electric power for running.

Cleaning Process

  • Unplug your dehumidifier first.
  • Pull out the water tank and clean it with detergent.
  • Rinse the air filter.
  • The bucket filter should be removed and clean it.

Best Small Bathroom Dehumidifier FAQS

1. Do Dehumidifiers Work In Bathrooms?

– Yes, of course. You need the dehumidifier most in the bathroom. The bathroom remains wet more than any other places. So, you should use a dehumidifier for your bathroom.

2. What size dehumidifier do I need for a bathroom?

-As the bathroom is a little space, you need to take a dehumidifier which is small in size and easy to portable.

3. Will A Dehumidifier Help With Mold In The Bathroom?

– Yes, a dehumidifier can control the moisture and it will restrict mold to get birth. As you know mold can’t take birth in warm places so dehumidifier is a great tonic for mold.

Additional Tips

Need some additional tips? Well, I will give you some additional tips. Have a look!

  • You should not place the power adapter of the dehumidifier in a wet place. Water can harm your adapter. You can place it on the wall or beside the ventilation area.
  • If you want to get the best result then make sure that the environment temperature and the humidity meet a basic requirement. Most of the dehumidifier starts working at a specific temperature and humidity.
  • According to Steven Wright “It is like putting a dehumidifier and a humidifier in the same room and letting them fight it out.” So, you should not put humidifier and dehumidifier in one place.
  • The dehumidifier’s mechanism works like small compressor. And you’ll find them including and without compressor, but choice is yours. 
  • Final Thoughts

    Hope that you have found out your best dehumidifier for bathroom. I tried my best to make you choose the best one by this bathroom dehumidifier reviews. A dehumidifier is greatly needed for a bathroom as it remains wet. You know that the wet place is comfortable for mold and other fungi to grow up.  You can buy one of them which I reviewed for your bathroom. These products are the best. All you have to do is that go for a suitable one which can fix with your bathroom. Always give importance to your choice. My recommendation to you will be that, you should take that one which is perfect for your bathroom.

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