Best Humidifier For Allergies : Top 10 Humidifier Reviews

Best Humidifier For Allergies

Our homes are often stuffy. With so much clutter lying around and many people interacting, this clutter and the air we breathe at home can be full of impurities. This is why we need the best purification technology. Contrary to what you may know, best humidifier for allergies is not strictly tied to people who have allergies. No, it can be used across the board and are some of the best models that will work like a charm.

So which option can we go for? After looking around for a while, trying out various technologies, and looking for the best air purification methods, I finally settled for the good humidifier for allergy sufferers.

Top 7 Humidifier For Allergies Reviews in 2022

In this post, I give you some of the best humidifiers for allergies reviews. Reading this post is helpful and will give you an in-depth touch. It will also leave you with a smart buying guide that you can learn from.

Best Humidifier For Allergies - Reviews

1. Honeywell Hcm350w Germ-free Cool Mist Humidifier

At the top of our best humidifier for allergies, we have the Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier. This is a cool-mist humidifier. It adds cool moisture to the dry air and flushes off germs to keep your air clean. The quiet humidifier has a 1-gallon tank capacity that runs up to 24 hours. It is also great around babies, the bedroom, and medium-sized home because of its noiseless touch.

The humidifier uses the UV technology to kills 99.9 percent of the bacteria found in the water. In addition to that, it also uses the Evaporative Technology to blow moisture off the wicking filter. This technology helps evaporation to take place faster. It also prevents any possible over humidification. Thanks to its inability to add more moisture into the air than it’s able to hold.

With the ability to improve humidity levels around your home to between 40 to 60 percent, the Honeywell humidifier will leave you with an improved breathing and air that feels warmer. It will leave you with comfortable breathing, better sleep, zero nasal congestion, and supple dry skin. It is reliable and easy to use.


  • Adds cool moisture to the dry air
  • Prohibits 99.99% of filter mold growth.
  • Flushes off germs to keep your air clean
  • Great around babies
  • Noiseless touch
  • Uses the UV technology to kill 99.9 percent of the bacteria
  • Uses the evaporative technology to blow moisture off
  • Leaves you with an improved breathing


  • Limited hues to choose from
  • No remote digital touch

2. Crane Ultrasonic Filter-free Cool Mist Humidifier

For the guys who love the stylish touch to their best humidifier for asthma and allergies, this is your best bet. The Crane Ultrasonic Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier comes with awesome features that will blow you off your feet. It has an ultrasonic cool mist touch that increases air moisture and leaves you with easy breathing.

The system efficiency and will leave you with a good night's sleep. In addition to that, it also relieves cough, fatigue, cold, congestion, and flu symptoms. It will prevent sinus irritation,nasal congestion, dry cough, and nose bleeds. Nonetheless, many people love it because of its ability to make your skin supple and to give you the noiseless touch.

When you buy it, you’ll also receive the clean control antimicrobial technology that reduces both mold and bacteria. The humidifier uses no filter but prevents the growth of bacteria and mold up to 99.96 percent. Thankfully, the humidifier comes with an easy to use 1-gallon tank that will fit under most faucets too.

Personally, I loved this top-rated humidifier for allergies because of its simply cool design and numerous hues.


  • Relieves cough, fatigue, cold, congestion, and flu symptoms
  • Give you the noiseless touch
  • Reduces both mold and bacteria
  • Easy to use 1-gallon tank
  • Simply cool design and numerous hues
  • Increases air moisture
  • Super light in weight
  • Leaves you with easy breathing.


  • Smaller gallon means several refills
  • No digital LCD

3. Vicks 1-gallon Warm Mist Humidifier

Like the other best cool mist humidifier for allergies before it, Vicks 1-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier is designed for the best purification touch. It is a warm mist humidifier that’s suitable for bedrooms and baby nurseries. You can also use it around the babies play areas or any other place that you wish to enjoy better congestion relief too.

The humidifier is easy to use. It comes with a filter-free technology and uses a 1-gallon tank capacity for its operation. The humidifier will diffuse 95% of bacteria-free mist in the air you breathe. By doing this it will leave you with fresher and cooler air to breathe.

That’s why this humidifier will fight nasal congestion, sinus, and cough. You will find it to be helpful around your baby when they have flu. More importantly, Vicks 1-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier is super light in weight. It is also compact in size and you can easily set it anywhere around the home. The humidifier is easy to use and will fit under any faucet around the home. It is easy to refill and you will be ready to use it in no time.


  • Suitable for bedrooms and baby nurseries
  • Will diffuse 95% of bacteria
  • Fight nasal congestion, sinus, and cough
  • Super light in weight
  • Compact in size Fit under any faucet


  • Lower capacity
  • No Auto-off

4. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Guys with bigger rooms in their homes are best suited for the Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. This is almost the best room humidifier for allergies. It has several essential features that you will find to be very helpful. For starters, it offers a higher output. It also features a higher tank capacity of 6L (1.6gal). This tank capacity provides a higher mist output of up to 270 ml/hr.

The humidifier lasts over 50 straight hours before you can think of re-filling. It uses the ultrasonic technology, which produces a silent frequency for guys who have trouble sleeping and for the kids. Unlike the other models that you cannot add essential oils to, this one comes with a simple to use tray where you can place your essential oils for a better diffusion. The humidifier has fun that circulates oils into your mist. The fan’s functionality is to give you clean, pure, scented, and fresh aroma.

It has a blue LED nightlight and uses 360-degree rotating nozzles for maximum efficiency. The system also supports fully adjustable mist/steam output knob so you can easily control humidity levels in your room. Apart from these, it also enjoys an auto shut off system that automatically turns off the humidifier when the water runs out.


  • Relieves dry and itchy skin
  • Reduces Airborne Viruses
  • Humidifier lasts over 50 straight hours
  • Silent frequency
  • Features 360-degree rotating nozzles
  • Fully adjustable output knob for mist
  • Additional diffuses feature.


  • Delicate adjustable mist knob
  • Complex user manual

5. Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Vornado Vortex Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier is unique and effective. It is the best means of providing a comfortable and perfectly humidified space. Vornado comes with deep pitched blades fan that pulls large volumes of any harsh and dry air to the unit. The air then passes through the system where it gets the Vornado’s Vortex Action, Technology.

The technology is awesome and will circulate the air to humidify it throughout your living space. Eventually, you will enjoy a complete and uniform sense of humidification. The built-in humidistat will automatically regulate the moisture output for you. It can also be programmed to run continuously. Thanks to the easy-to-use push system button and controls with LED lights. These features will provide you with easy visibility on any form of settings that you take.

Nonetheless, it is the three fan settings that make this system really cool. The settings come in High, Low or Auto system. In Auto setting, the humidifier’s fan and transducer fluctuate up or down automatically and thereby maintaining the pre-set humidity level. Get this one-gallon capacity humidifier and enjoy a non-stop 24 hours air purification system anytime.


  • Pull large volumes of any harsh and dry air
  • Complete and uniform sense of humidification
  • Automatically regulate the moisture output
  • Easy-to-use push system
  • Non-stop 24 hours air purification


  • Buttons not rubberized

6. Urpower Mh501 Humidifier

The 5L Large Capacity URPOWER MH501 Humidifier is awesome for any large home. It has the capacity to humidify up to 600 sq. ft. and will work best for smart homes any day you need to. The system is awesome and has a Whisper-Quiet Operation that makes it effective for homes with kids and people who suffer from insomnia. The Cool Mist humidifier enjoys an Ultrasonic design that makes its whole system simple and fast to use.

The Humidifier also has a Water less Auto Shut-Off technology. The technology is simple to use and works with an Adjustable Mist Mode to keep the humidifier running properly until it automatically stops. For the home, baby nursery, bedroom, and office, this power efficient model will give you the simplest to use the system.

Apart from the automatic humidity control, the electronic humidistat also uses cool fan settings that allow you to program the flow like you want to. You will use easy to push-button controls and also enjoy a LED light technology for easy monitoring. Thankfully the 1-gallon tank capacity is adequate and will work better for your whole home system.


  • Better for your whole home
  • Easy to push-button controls
  • Automatic humidity control
  • Uses cool fan settings
  • Simple and fast to use
  • Effective for homes with people who suffer from insomnia


  • Shallow user manual

7. Victsing Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

For the most affordable baby nursery humidifier, the VicTsing Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier will be an awesome addition. The system has a number of features that you will die for. In addition to that, it is easy to use and will leave you with an awesome experience too. Personally, I love this humidifier because of its simple to use dial knob. The knob provides an awesome mist control.

It also comes with a whisper-quiet noiseless touch that makes the humidifier ideal for tight spaces, babies, and also people who suffer from insomnia. Because of its ability to perform efficiently, the humidifier produces a 24hr powerful humidification system with its 2L(0. 53gallon) tank capacity. The humidification process will provide a super cool healthy touch to any dry skin. It will also reduce snoring and above all that, help babies breathe easily.

In addition to that, it has the 360° degree rotating nozzle system that ensures even level humidity within your home. The nozzle can be tilted easily at45° for a quicker and continuous mist flow. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry as there is an adjustable output that allows you to choose the level of humidification too.

The system is also easy to clean and uses an auto shut-off technology, arc-shaped handle for secure grip,and easy refilling and cleaning. It automatically shuts off with the red LED system if water runs out.


  • Simple to use dial knob
  • Provides an awesome mist control
  • Ideal for tight spaces, babies
  • Help babies breathe easily
  • Choose the level of humidification


  • Not ideal for larger rooms
  • Delicate knob

8. Itvanila Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

iTvanila Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is another cool mist humidifier for allergies. It offers several features and operation technology. For starters, it uses the nano-coating technology that leaves it with a longer humidifier life and higher performance. The system is also easy to use and uses no filter to operate efficiently. For any homeowner who needs a better touch, the high output will be a bonus. Nonetheless, it is the powerful humidification functionality that will get out the dry air in no time and in just a flicker.

Thanks to the systems built-in system that is very effective at catching impurities in the water and in turn produce enough mist for better relief to dryskin, nasal congestion, sinus congestion, and allergies. The humidifier enjoys a 2.7l tank capacity which will provide you with an ideal coverage for all your bedrooms and offices.

There are also adjustable mist level presets that comprise the low mist levels and the medium mist levels that will adjust moisture output easily. The efficiency of this system is guaranteed by the 360-degree rotatable nozzle that helps in delivering better moisture levels. A sleep mode on an ultrasonic technology is also available and produces less than 35 dB of noise for both kids and people who have trouble sleeping.


  • Longer humidifier life
  • Higher performance.
  • Easy to use and uses
  • No filter to operate efficiently
  • Effective at catching impurities
  • Produces enough mist for better relief to dry skin


  • Slightly pricey and heavy

9. Taotronics4l Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

If you want to improve the sleeping environment for your loved ones, the other best cool mist humidifier for allergies that you can go with is the TaoTronics 4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. The system is very effective and uses some of the best technologies for an easy operation. It has a quiet operation that makes it an incredibly silent humidifier with less than 38 dB noise production. The humidifier’s 4L tank capacity is also adequate and will last for over 12-30 hours of continuous working.

That’s why this system is super cool for bedroom,office, nursery, and any room set up that you need it in. There is also an informative LED display that tells you the humidity levels in your home at any given time. It is easy to make a choice between the three mist levels so that you can easily determine your desired level of humidity.

You can also turn on the sleep mode nightlight and easily shut off the LED screen for a better sleeping experience. The safe use is also available and will automatically shut off when the water runs out of your humidifier. Use this 1.06 Gallon capacity humidifier and save with the 110V.


  • Easy operation
  • Incredibly silent humidifier
  • Last for over 12-30 hours
  • Super cool for bedroom, office, nursery, and any room set up
  • Three mist levels
  • Sleep mode nightlight
  • Automatically shut off when the water runs out


  • Lower run time

10. Pure Enrichment Mistaireultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Pure Enrichment MistAireUltrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is our last good humidifier for allergy sufferers. It uses1.5L tank capacity. It also has a whisper-quiet operation, which makes it an easy option for sleeping kids and anyone who is unwell. Pure Enrichment MistAire also has an automatic shut-off that turns off the system in case water runs out when you are sleeping.

It also has the night light function that will last up to 16 hours. Even so, the ultrasonic cool mist technology will safely moisturize your air with any settings that you need. At night, the system offers a soothing glow that leaves you with a maximum relaxation touch. There are easy to replace cartridge filters that remove both micro-organisms and bad odor from your air.

The system is also easy to operate and comes with an easy to switch on and off button that you can use. Remember to always turn the humidifier off any time the water level is low or if the water tank is removed. Unfortunately, there is no touch panel for easy control.


  • Super cool for bedroom
  • Automatically shut off
  • Effective at catching impurities
  • Produces enough mist for better relief to dry skin
  • Help babies breathe easily
  • Automatically regulate the moisture output


  • Lower tank capacity
  • No-touch panel

What To Consider Before Buying A Humidifier For Allergies

It is easy to buy the best humidifier if you go with the buying guide. However, there are some specific things that you should only look for when buying the best humidifier for allergies. They include the following.

Benefits Of Allergy Humidifier

This is the first thing that you need to keep in mind. The humidifier allergy benefits are many and include the following.

  • Improved humidity levels around your home
  • Breathable allergen and germs free air
  • Improved comfort levels in your home
  • Better or improved sleeping patterns
  • Clean breathing system around your body

Ability To Diffuse Moisture In Air

This is the next important consideration. We have seen that the humidifiers work by diffusing moisture to the air. However, you need a model that you can easily rely on to give you the best experience. A system with 360 Degree Rotatable Nozzle Technology will work better and more efficiently.

Buying Guide

We have seen the best humidifier for allergies brands. With that said, you must be thinking of which brand to go with. Let that one not bother you. We have the best tips for you to work with. Take a look.

The Price

I want to start with the price since it is the most important thing. Unless you can afford your allergy-free humidifiers, you won’t be able to buy them. So make sure that you set aside a budget. Once you have the budget, you can then shop around it for your best humidifier.

Run Time

If your humidifier cannot last long enough then you will be breathing dirty air in no time. That’s why you must keep an eye out for the runtime. A humidifier that can run non-stop for at least a day will leave you with one of the best allergy-free air.

Nonetheless, there are many other factors that you should also look at alongside the runtime. They include the following:


The Auto-off mechanism will help you to shut off your humidifier once the water is over. This will prevent it from recycling any dirty air. It will also regulate how it works and prevents any form of damages to the humidifier’s system.


In addition to that, you should also look out for the noiseless touch. A humidifier should allow you to have a peaceful time especially when you are sleeping. This is really cool and will help you to relax too as most of the top rates allergy humidifier reviews suggest.

Easy Control

Next, you should also find a humidifier with the best humidifier uses for allergies. However, it should be easy to control or use. This is very important as it will help you to set it up, program it, and leave you with one of the best personal experience with your humidifier.

In case you want an easy experience with your best humidifier, here are some of the top features to look out for.

  • LED Operation
  • LCD Displays
  • Simple to follow the user manual
  • High-End Compatibility
  • Tank Capacity

This is also a very important consideration. The larger the tank the better the run time, even so, is the tank is so heavy, you might have a rough time trying to pick up the humidifier, transport it, move it, or find an ideal space for it.

This is why it is very important that you find the tank with the right capacity. This should be a tank that will keep your air humid all through the day.

Tank capacity will play a key role in determining the weight and size of the tank. Eventually, this is what determines how portable the humidifier is.

Filter Type

Finally, find out if your system uses any filter or not. The warm or cold humidifier for allergies might use either technology. Choose a technology that favours you so long as it is easy to work with. Replaceable filters are also cool and will maximize air purification.


Finally, you should also check what the previous users say. The type of experience that they had is very important. It will give you a pointer on what to expect too. Humidifiers with the best reviews will be some of the top-rated designs that you will get out there. They are easy to work with and you can always get the information that you need.

Cool Mist Humidifier For Allergies : Additional Tips You Should Know

In this section, I want to give you some of the most vital tips that you should know about the best air humidifier for allergies. These need-to-know tips are highly recommended by many reviews and will make your work really easy in case you want to understand how these appliances work.

How Air Humidifier For Allergies Work

The use of humidifier's to keep your air free of any allergens is a scientifically proven method that works. The method uses the patented Ultra-Violet lighting technology in order to kill 99.9% of bacteria, fungus, mold,and viruses that is found in the air.

This,in turn, provides the top assurance that the humidifier’s moisture that is emitted is basically free of any germs or even allergens. Even so, here is how the system works and gives you the best humidifier services.

Step I

Once you fill your water tank with water to the desired capacity, the untreated water will flow from the tank and into the humidifier’s UV water path. Here it will be exposed to the ultra-violet light. The light then kills mold, germs, bacteria, fungus, and any viruses.

Step II

Once the germs are killed, the sanitized water then enters the main base of the humidifier system. Here, it is thenabsorbed by the system’s wicking filter.

Step III

The second process above is followed by the dry indoor air, which is drawn in through the main filter. It will then absorb the moisture before it is emitted as moisture into the air that you will breathe.

Step IV

This will give you up to 99.9% of germ-free moisture that is usually emitted into the air around you in the form of visible mist.

NOTE: There are a group of people that want their air with essential oils. Well, you can use essential oil if the manufacturer approves. If not don’t use any essential oils in your humidifier. Some systems are easily damaged by essential oils and will void your warranty.
Humidification Technologies

Apart from what we saw in the buying guide, it is also important to look for some of the best technologies in your humidifier system. These technologies are very many ideals at maximizing the efficiency of the humidifier system.

360 Degree Rotatable Nozzle

The first one is the 360 Degree Rotatable Nozzle System. This system will help in delivering better moisture levels as it operates in an all-round technology. It is easy to work with and gives your room the maximum fill.

The Ultrasonic Technology

This is the main technology that determines the noiseless touch. The Ultrasonic Technology will show you the maximum noise levels that you can get from your humidifier. The best thing is to go for the lowest range possible.

NOTE: Choosing the best humidifier for allergies depends on what your needs are. You can always choose that you can use with your household too.


Before proceeding to why we have recommended these products, let me fill you in on some of the most common FAQs on humidifiers. These questions will help you to make the best choice of a humidifier.

Do Humidifiers Help With Allergies?

Yes. As the water is passed through the humidification process, it goes under the UV rays. These rays kill any form of allergens. In turn, the water is released into the air in the form of fine moisture. This moisture when breathed refreshes the system. The moisture is also free of molds, fungi, and dirt which are the main causes of allergies.

Is Cool Mist Or Warm Mist Better For Sinuses?

Sinuses are caused by different irritations. Some get sinuses because of dirt, while others get sinuses from breathing in cold air. Whichever the case, using the right mist is vital for the elimination of sinuses. The warm mist option is often the best especially if your sinuses are triggered by cold temperatures.

What Is Better For Allergies Humidifier Or Air Purifier?

That depends on how you look at it, what you prefer, or what sounds affordable for you. This is because all these technologies are great for eliminating pathogens from the air that you breathe. That’s why they are both ideals at eliminating allergies.

Can Humidifiers Make Allergies Worse?

No. They eliminate allergy-causing germs. This means that when you use them, you will get an even better experience.

What Type Of Humidifier Is Best For Allergies?

The best humidifier for allergies is the cold mist humidifier. It uses the UV rays technology to kill allergens and this is very ideal. You can use cold mist humidifier anytime you choose to freshen up your room.

Our Recommendations

All the ten products that we have listed here are the best humidifier for asthma and allergies. They are very effective and will leave you with some of the best experiences.

Even so, we highly recommend these three reviews as our top picks:

  • Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
  • VicTsing Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
  • Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

That should not alarm you though as the difference between the first three and the rest is slight and will include lower noise levels and ease of use.

Ease of Use

These three best humidifiers for allergies are easy to use. They enjoy better technologies and will give you some of the best experiences with humidifiers. For instance, they use the all-round nozzle system that ensures that every inch of your home is covered. This one guarantees high efficiency and better use.


Apart from just easy use, there is also the digitized aspect of these systems. They have both the operation buttons and also the LED display systems. The digitized systems are easy to monitor. They are responsible for the auto-off mechanism. This mechanism will automatically switch off the humidifier once the water runs out. You don’t have to do it.


Then again, there is the aspect of durability. While the water levels in these systems are visible, the glass is very durable. It combines with high-end plastics to leave you with one of the most durable builds. This means you will be able to enjoy the value of your money and use your humidifier for longer.

User Feedback’s

All these models that we have here also enjoy the best user feedback. They are recommended by many and they have the highest ratings too. Some of the online sellers have also listed them as their top sellers.

NOTE: Our best systems don’t end here. These are just slight variables. Even so, it is important to look for a model that fits your need alone. We have the best humidifier uses for allergies and how you can also get the most out of them.


If you want to freshen up your home, you should look for better ways of keeping off any allergens. Allergens such as mist and mold are some of the worst triggers of asthma and cough. With these allergens out of the way, you should have the best experience in your home.

There is no right way to get rid of allergens except for natural options. The use of warm or cold humidifier for allergies is the best remedy as it, users, pure water. The water is passed through the UV system and in turn humidified and released as mist in the air. Eventually, you will get better breathing that is free of any germs.

Over the years, allergy humidifier reviews have suggested that using these systems have some of the best benefits including a boost in your immunity, better breathe, safer moisture levels around the home, easy control, and that you can regulate the amount of allergen-free moisture that you need.

That’s why we have chosen only the best options for you. We hope that the reviews are of help and that you will get the best choice easily.

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