Best Place To Put Air Purifier: An Expert Explain 2021

Best Place To Put Air Purifier

You are living at your home or running a hotel business or working in an office where the air purifier is a must. The most asking question is which is the best place to put air purifier? Well, I am here for you with the best place to put air purifier in the room.

Most of the time due to moisture and high humidity mold and other bacteria get birth. So, you need to control that growth and make your air purer because the light-weighted mold can fly through the air. In your living place where dust and smoke are found in large number in the air then you also need an air purifier for your room.

Hope that you have bought your new air purifier or you have an old one which is not performing well due to perfect placement in a room. You may follow our guideline for different places. So, let’s dig into the article to learn more.

The task of Air Purifier

You need to know what an air purifier does with your air. An ordinary air purifier filtrates the air and removes the smoke and dust from the air. On the other hand, much-advanced air purifier uses HEPA technology and able to remove the light-weighted and micro dust from the air.

The filter captures the dust and smoke which is run by electricity. Tasks of air purifier can be described as bellow-

  • To remove the smoke.
  • An air purifier can capture the light-weighted mold.
  • You can have a nice smell as most of the air purifiers come with a nice perfume.
  • HEPA technology can increase the ability of your air purifier’s function.
  • The carbon filter can also accelerate performance.

However, an air purifier is a must needed an electronic device for every room where the air remains polluted. To get rid of from any dangerous issue for your health you need to choose the best air purifier that can cover your living place or working place.

The Best Place To Put Air Purifier In Your Room

Now come to your question that which is the best room placement for an air purifier for maximum output? You need to know that you shouldn’t put your air purifier in a place where it can’t perform well enough. However, we have found 7 best places for you where you can place your air purifier. Have a look over them.

1. Whole house Placement

Placing an air purifier for the whole house you need to find the best position for air purifier. Purifying the airflow of your house you have to place the air purifier in a perfect position.

For that first, your air purifier has too large enough to handle the whole house. The right place is near the intake for the air conditioning machine. As a result, there will be a continuous flow of air and air will get easily filtered.

For this, you need to ensure that AC units and filters are clean and dry, otherwise, room air won’t be filtered. This tactic may work during summer. What about the colder season?

In winter generally, we don’t need any air conditioning system. So, placing the air purifier near the air condition will be useless. During winter placing the air purifier in a central position is the best option. Avoid placing the air purifier near intake grill as well as the window.

2. Bedroom

A bedroom is a place where you will like to breathe fresh air. For that, you need to concern about certain things. Leaving 6 to 10 feet from your bed to air purifier is the first condition to place an air purifier in the bedroom.

Also, registers direction should be gesturing towards you. On the other hand, if you place the air purifier near than 6 feet you may feel a draft. If you place it more than 10 feet distance, you will not get a chance to breathe fresh air.

Moreover, before buying an air purifier for the bedroom, ensure that the model has a “Sealed System”. This system separates the fresh air from filthy air. Also, you need to choose a purifier that can work almost 24 hours a day. You need to concern about the noise scale of the air purifier. Otherwise, it will disturb in your sleep.

3. In the Corner

Keeping the air purifier in the corner has considered the best room placement for air purifier. Placing the purifier out of the way corner will ensure to trap airborne particles.

As a result, your home air will remain fresh and clean. Do not place air purifier behind any furniture or couch or tv. These places may not allow the air purifier to purify the air. Again, if you set the purifier center of a room, it might create disturbance in your walk away. So, placing it in a corner will allow you to move quickly.

Again, placing air purifier for a room needs to adjust to the furniture. Generally, if you set the air purifier between furniture then that will not work with your furniture at all. So I think if you want to place an air purifier in the living room that should be in the corner. Be careful; do not place the air purifier at a dangerous angle.

4. Behind the Sofa

If you are a smoker, then behind the sofa will be the best place to put air purifier in the room. We all know that most of the air purifiers work as a smoke eater. Most of the air purifiers are reliant upon activated carbon or charcoal.

These purifiers can collect toxins from the air and by filtering them, leave the fresh air into the surrounding atmosphere. So, placing an air purifier behind the sofa will be efficient and effective also.

Air purifiers also change the terrible odor of air that is created by smoking. So, for eliminating the bad smell of tobacco quickly, you have to place the purifier behind the sofa, as most of the smokers smoke cigarette sitting on the couch in the living room.

This place is not only for smokers because the air purifier that has activated charcoal method can purify any contaminated air. So, behind the sofa is another suitable place for cleaning the air and enhancing the structural beauty of your living room.

5. Near the Door

Placing an air purifier near the door, you need to select a UV purifier. The UV air purifier works as a kind of shield that can resist bacteria and microorganisms to enter the room.

This will help to reduce flies and possible irritants throughout the home or any particular room. This is extremely used for those who are suffering from Asthma.

Also, you can put the air purifier near the contaminated-heavy areas, near the drain pan of an indoor cooling system. This will also help to remove harmful mold and bacteria from the air. Also, outside air comes through the door. So, if you place air purifier near the door, then there will be a chance to eliminate contaminates water by purifying the air.

6. In the Kitchen

There are some rooms we like to place air purifier there. Now we are discussing the best position for air purifier in the kitchen. Kitchen is the place where air circulation or airflow is needed badly.

The atmosphere of the kitchen seems a little bit warm. For a fresh and clean air to breath, you must have to place an air purifier in your kitchen. Also, sometimes bad odors come from the kitchen to your living room. Without purifying the air, you won’t get rid of this problem.

I recommend you to use both the UV lamp and HEPA filter air purifier. Place it beside the stove or a few feet away from the dust bin. Kitchen is the room which generates most odors and creates more forms of bacteria. The HEPA system of the air purifier will remove all those microbes from the air. Therefore, you can breathe fresh air in your room/place.

7. Bathroom

Breathe easily in the bathroom. For that, you have to place an air purifier in the bathroom. Otherwise, your home air will be contaminated. First, you place an air purifier in the corner of a bathroom. It will be more suitable. Otherwise, it can be infected by the water.

You can use Both HPEA and UV lamp purifier in the bathroom. Be careful about placing it near the bathroom door. Otherwise, it will create disturbance in your walkway. The best position for air purifier will be the two ends corner of a bathroom.

Additional Tips : Best Place To Put Air Purifier In Your Room

Now I am going to contribute with you some bunch of additional tips that you should follow. Generally, an air purifier is an extra-ordinary addition to the home. If you are thinking of buying a new one then my suggestion to you will be that you shouldn’t be late at all.

  • You must keep in mind about the coverage area of your desired room. As there is a fact about air purifier coverage area you should choose an air purifier which can cover your full area.
  • If your air purifier comes with the perfume then you should place thatnear to thesource of odor like bathroom or window. After doing so you can have a nice smell with fresh air.
  • Always try to avoid tight space and corners when to place an air purifier. The outflow of the air purifies restricted by the wall and that’s why you should put that in an open place.
  • Microelectronics wavelength is harmful to the air purifier. So, you shouldn’t put your air purifier near to the small electronic devices like TV, Radio, and Oven, etc.

Many of us keep a pet in our home as I do also. You can also use your air purifier as a security guard. Don’t get that? Well behind the door of your bedroom you can place an air purifier and the dust, smoke and pet hair won’t come to your room anymore. So, it’s like a security guard to your health.

Best Place To Put Air Purifier In Your Room FAQ

I know you have any questions related to placing the air purifier. You will find your answers from here-

1. Should I put the air purifier near to the main door?

– No, you should not do like that as main door area remains collapsed. The air purifier can’t cover the full area from the main door.

2. How can micro mold spores affect our health?

-Micro mold spores can travel through the air. Those who have an allergy to the mold can be affected seriously for that reason of micro mold. Here an air purifier plays a vital role by capturing the micro mold from the air.

3. What harm can little dust perform?

– To be honest I should say that due to industrialization the amount of dust is increasing day by day. You have observed that the average life span of a human being is slowing down gradually. The main reason behind it that the pollution of air. We are polluting our air every day. However, little dust can cause serious heart block and put our health at risk.

4. What should I search in an air purifier?

-Well, you should confirm that your air purifier delivers maximum output and able to cover your full area. You can use it even at your office too. So, you need to be careful about cleaning the air purifier to get a better result. For the sake of cleaning the air purifier should come with the feature of the easy cleaning process.

5. Should I check the warranty?

– Yes, you should check the warranty before buying the best air purifier for your room.

6. Can I use an air purifier for the nursery room?

– You can use an air purifier for your nursery room too.

Final Note

Hope that you have found your best place to put air purifier. Nowadays it’s mandatory to use an air purifier at the room. Air purifiers not only give you fresh air but also it protects you from some serious health issues. We should not pollute our air for our sack. Everybody should focus on air pollution and make a way out to get rid of from the pollution of air. Plant more and more trees; as a result we can get enough pure air from our environment.

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