Do Air Purifiers Work For Baby And Newborns?

Air Purifiers Work For Baby And Newborns

Babies, especially the newborns are very sensitive. Thus, parents are very careful about each and every need of the little one. And, one of the key element for their survival is breathing fresh and pollutant-free air. There is no doubt that the air we breathe in contains pollutants like dust, dirt, germs, mold, pollen and other harmful elements that we cannot see in bare eyes. The babies have a very weak immune system that they can easily get sick with such contaminated air. So, what do we do? How do we keep our babies safe!

One of the reliable ways to clean up air is using an air purifier. However, the new mommies and daddies often have this concern “Do air purifiers work for baby And Newborns!” Most of them ask if it is safe. The truth is some air purifiers are actually safe to use and ensure the air is clean and fresh.

Let me explain it to you in details. Here I will not only tell you whether air purifiers work for babies but also give you amazing benefits of using this wonderful device, how to find the safe and best air purifier and a lot more. If you are excited to learn all the information, keep reading!

Do babies need air purifiers?

babies need air purifiers

Yes, air purifiers need for everyone including adults and babies. The purifiers are specially engineered that work effectively pulling out all sorts of contaminants floating in the air. Usually, our air is filled with not only the dust, dirt, and germs but also hair, dander, skin fallouts. If you have a pet at home then the pet hair and dander are also filled in the air.

Thus, to remove the pollutants the air purifiers are designed with different layers of filters. As you turn on the device, it pulls in the air inside using the fan. The filters capture the particles and remove them from the atmosphere. Then, the pollutant-free air is recirculated in the atmosphere. This is how the air purifier generally work. Since manual cleaning cannot ensure breathable air for us, the air purifier does the job efficiently.

Having said that, when you are intending to purchase an air purifier for babies, you need to be concerned about whether your targeted air purifier leave any harmful effects. There are some air purifiers that create noise, lack automated function, leaves ozone in the air and so on. If you can pick the right and safe air purifier, then you can stay tension free.

Benefits of air purifier for baby

Benefits of air purifier for baby

The benefits of air purifier are too many. It has been evident that using an air purifier for a long time actually improved health condition for the users who suffer from allergies, asthma or breathing issues. Compared to the adults, the babies breathe more frequently and weak lung capacity. Thus, babies breathe in and out around 40 to 60 times per minute. Hence, the chance of intaking pollutants inside is more acute.

Also, our indoor air is five times more polluted compared to the outdoor air. This is because the indoor pollutants get stuck in the furniture, carpet, paint, and mattress and so on. Thus, the more the baby breathe in can result in lifetime asthma problem or cause fever, cough, sneezing, etc. However, you can get relief from numerous health risk for your babies if you get an air purifier!

Below are some of the remarkable health benefits of using an air purifier for babies.

Sleep is important for babies. Thus, air purifier helps the baby’s lungs to breathe fresh air and sleep peacefully.

  • The air purifier can remove harmful smoke particles and odor. So, even if you have a smoker at home, the air purifier will protect the baby.
  • Regular use of air purifier can improve health condition like coughing, sneezing or allergic irritation from germs, allergens or pet dander and hair.
  • Reduces the lungs irritation, headache, fever, mood swing and so on.
  • Fresh air can strengthen the respiratory system
  • Reduces the risk of nerve damage, organ failure or cancer
  • Minimizes the necessity to clean the house every now and then
  • Places like kitchen, washroom or storage tend to have mold. Regular use of air purifier keeps the house dry and fight mold

Safest air purifier for babies

Safest air purifier for babies

As you surf the internet looking for the safest air purifier for babies, you will find there is a wide variety of air purifiers. How do you know which one is suitable for your little one? Before I answer about the safety, let me tell you which factor you should pay attention to first. Usually, the best air purifiers contain True HEPA filter which can remove 99.97% airborne pollutants. This filter strong enough to remove any airborne particles up to 0.3 microns. So, air purifier with True HEPA filter is safe and utmost effective for babies.

Then, air purifier with activated carbon filter is also safe for babies. The carbon filter is used to remove unpleasant odor. Sometimes our air can be filled with odor from kitchen, cigarette, pet and so on which can cause irritation in baby’s sleep and breathing. Thus, you can pick air purifiers with True HEPA and carbon filter. These two filters are safe to use because they do not leave any harmful chemicals.

However, there are other filters that you should be refrain from buying for your kid’s safety. Some air purifiers come with an ozone generator. This device leaves ozone in the air to capture the pollutants. As it does, the generator leaves ozone into the air. This can be very harmful to the respiratory system. The children may face irritation in eyes and the nasal system eventually.

There is another air purifier which is ion technology based. Even though ion is safe to use for adults, they are extremely risky for kids. Similar to ozone, the ion is detrimental for baby’s health. So, even if your air purifier has all the good qualities and ionizer as well, be alert to turn it off when there is a baby. But, I would suggest going for an air purifier that has a simple True HEPA filter and carbon filter in it.

What is the best air purifier for a baby?

Well, so far I have discussed the benefits of air purifiers and how do find the safe air purifier. Now you can easily narrow down your checklist to easily find the ideal air purifier for your baby. Since there are thousands of purifiers available from many brands, it’s definitely a risky job to find the best air purifier for baby. I would recommend you to go through the reviews first to make the choice.

But, as you do so, you can pay attention to some of the key features that will help you to identify the right one. For instance, you can check the CADR rate which means clean air delivery rate. The rate depicts how quickly the filter can clean the air. Then, a noise-free air purifier will give the ease and comfort for babies.

Since you are going to move around with the baby, you should also consider how convenient the device is to use and move. Can it be mounted on the wall or move with the wheel? Then, you can also pick smart features like air quality indicator, sensor, digital function, timer, sleep mode and so on. If the device comes with a remote controller, it will be more convenient for you to operate the device from a distance.

So, these features will help you pick the suitable air purifier with the necessary function to support nurturing your precious child. I am sure, the reviews will also help you find the best quality one. But, be sure to pick the devices with a true HEPA filter and carbon filter and avoid other harmful filters.

Should I get an air purifier for my baby?

From the above discussion, what do you think? Should you get an air purifier for your baby? I would say, yes! Because the first thing a baby needs from the earth is the air to breathe. A baby needs time to cope with the environment and with polluted air survival becomes difficult.

According to a study conducted by WHO in 2016, every year around 600,000 children died due to extremely weak respiratory infections that occurred from air pollution. As I already mentioned, indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor atmosphere.

So, considering the context and benefits of air purifier, this can be the only rescue when your child is at home. Therefore, I would strongly recommend you get an air purifier for your baby.

Final Thought

So, now you know the answer to “Do air purifiers work for baby And Newborns.” I hope you also understand how beneficial it is to have an air purifier for your child’s health. If your baby is suffering from asthma, allergies or you don’t want to risk your baby’s life to such diseases, you should go get the best air purifier for babies.

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