Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier: The Best Reviews In 2021

People are now conscious of their health that they pay sincere attention to what they eat, drink and even breathe. Certainly, the producers and manufacturer deserve the credit, but I would praise the inventors who have created this amazing device like honeywell 50250-s true hepa air purifier. Because, no matter what we drink or how we live, breathing plays the most important role in our survival. When our environment is filled with allergens and dangerous pollutants, being able to breathe fresh air was beyond imagination.

Thanks to the engineers and the brands who have made this possible inventing the air purifier. Now, one dilemma people face is to find the right air purifier for them as there are thousands of such device are available in the market. Really, it's a very difficult job because air purifiers are now designed with advanced features and for a specific need. To help you relief from this confusion, we have done the research for you.

After around 48 hours of in-depth research and considering all the must-have features, we have picked the highly recommended Honeywell 50250-S  Air Purifier for you. Now, we will analyze the features, strong and weak aspects from a neutral perspective and personal experience.

We hope this detailed review will help you purchase the honeywell 50250-s air purifier for your home or office.

Why Should You Trust Honeywell? 

Before we discuss the product itself, we think discussing the best air purifier brand is also important. It gives an overall assumption how the device will perform and trustworthiness regarding the brand. Since brand value is significant for a durable and good quality product, we have chosen Honeywell, one of the top manufacturers of electronic items including air quality improving solution.

You will be surprised to know this brand is doing extremely well in the technology market since 1906. For the last 113 years, Honeywell is producing items for private consumers, governments, and corporations. Over the years they have enlarged their business units as HBT- Home and Business Technologies, SPS - Safety and Productivity solutions, Honeywell Aerospace and Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies.

Under these four units, there is a huge variety of products they are producing and selling every year. Among them, one of their most selling products is air purifiers from HBT unit. If you have been looking for air purifiers, I am sure you have already seen many products from Honeywell.

Now let's find out what makes the Honeywell 50250-S manual air purifier unique and special.

Why Should You Buy honeywell 50250-s air purifier?

Review of Honeywell 50250-S air purifier

If an air purifier is designed with HEPA filter, the expectation of getting clean air gets higher. In the case of Honeywell 50250-S purifier, it comes with True HEPA filter. It means it will ensure you get the cleanest air possible at your home or office. Not only that, there are some other extraordinary features that make this air purifier one of the great performing devices.

It's time to know the other features in detail.

Benefit of Honeywell 50250-S true HEPA Air purifier

Benefit of Honeywell 50250-S Air purifier

One of the best qualities of Honeywell Air purifier is it never compromises with HEPA filter. Thus, it includes only true HEPA filter that can capture up to 99.97% airborne particles. To be specific, it has the capacity to pull out big and small up to 0.3 microns particles from the air. When we are cleaning our house, it becomes difficult to get rid of the pollutants we are unable to see in naked eye. But, with Honeywell 50250-S we can remain tension free.

Carbon Pre Filter

When HEPA filter is expert in removing the small particles, do you need another filter? Not really. But, the carbon pre-filter is included in the device to ensure your home is odor-free. Sometimes, our home can be filled with kitchen odor, pet smell or nauseating cigarette smoke. Whatever the odor there is you are having a hard time dealing with, this carbon pre-filter will help to remove it.

Replaceable filter

Most of the air purifiers require to change the filter. However, in the case of Honeywell 50250-S, you don't need to replace the HEPA filter often. It’s recommended to change the HEPA filter in every 3 to 5 years to get the clean air to breathe. But, you need to change the Carbon pre-filter every 3 months.

You may think it increases the maintenance cost. Actually, it isn't. If you think from a long-term perspective, replacing Carbon pre-filter will cost a few dollars. Nevertheless, the HEPA filter in every 3 years will cost a bit more than $50. It means you can get fresh air for years if the odor is not a big deal for you. Here, it's strongly suggested to get certified filters when you need to replace.


There are a lot of extraordinary air purifiers. However, everyone cannot afford it due to the price. For them, the Honeywell 50250-S can be an ideal option. It comes at an affordable price with all the necessary features and will perform just like any real HEPA purifier. Also, the maintenance cost is less expensive for the people who are looking for a budget-friendly and quality air purifier.


Honeywell 50250-S Manual air purifier

The user-friendliness of an air purifier depends on the features and functionality. Here is the good news! The in Honeywell 50250-S is very easy to use. You can run the device from three-speed setting. You can just choose from low to medium to high speed. Depending on the air quality, you can choose the speed.

Nevertheless, unlike other purifiers, you can place the device anywhere in the room. It will efficiently capture all the pollutants and provide you with clean air. Also, this device has the feature to replace the filters. To help you know when to replace it, the air purifier comes with an Intelli-Check electronic filter life indicator. Moreover, to ensure the longevity, you can clean the filter occasionally.

Overall, this device comes with just the features needed to purify your indoor air. Additionally, the device is very easy to use, clean and replace the filter and available at an affordable price.

Less noisy

I wouldn't claim that the Honeywell 50250-S air purifier is a noise-free device. Actually, you won't find any air purifier that does not make noise. However, the remarks regarding the noise created by this device are mixed feeling by the users.

On low speed, it makes a bit of noise but it won’t harm your sleep. But, when the device is run on medium or high speed, it does make a blunt sound like air moving.

Room coverage capacity

The room coverage of this air purifier is 390 sq. ft. It means if you have a medium to large room and need a high-quality air purifier. Based on your convenience and preference, you can set the device anywhere you want.

Whether the device is on the corner or at the center, it will cleanse the air every hour and circulate pollutant free fresh air throughout the room. However, to get the best performance, you need to keep the windows and doors closed and let the device evacuate the air particles.

How to use the honeywell 50250-s 

Honeywell 50250-S True Hepa Air Purifier

Even though the device will come with a user manual when you purchase the device, we would like to briefly tell you how to operate the air purifier beforehand. Because from this explanation you will be able to understand whether it will be easy or troublesome for you use after you actually purchase it.

Already, from the above discussion, you already know that the device is very easy to use. Here, I will explain how the device is actually constructed and thus the way to operate it. Overall, there are not many functions on this device. The round shaped device comes with an on and off button. Some users don't prefer to keep the device turned on all the time. Therefore, you can keep it shut down when not necessary.

Also, depending on the air quality or time of the day, you can change the speed of the device from low, medium and high. If the air is too polluted, you can choose the high speed to purify the air quickly. When you run the device, the Hepa filter pulls the air in and capture all types of airborne particles including dust, dirt, mold, pollen, mites, pet hair, dander, odor, allergens and so on. Then it will remove the pollutants from the room and resend the fresh and clean air.

Besides, whenever there is an unpleasant odor, the carbon pre-filter will immediately remove the smell and keep your house odor free. These two filters will continuously work in this manner every hour automatically.

Even though the device does not come with an air quality indicator, it does come with a life indicator for the filters. I think it's very important. There are two light indicators on the device. When the light turns on, you will know that it's time to replace the filters. If you maintain to clean the filters regularly, it may last longer.

What We Liked

  • Its budget friendly
  • Suitable for large room
  • Device filters air per hour
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • The replaceable filters help cost minimization
  • Combination of the true HEPA filter and Carbon pre-filter
  • Effective for pet-induced and other airborne pollutants
  • What We Did Not Like

  • Less diversity on speed setting
  • Advanced features are missing like the timer, air quality sensor
  • Feels noisy when the device runs on high speed
  • Final Verdict 

    We are at the end of the  honeywell 50250-s review. We have tried to explain every feature and analyze the performance of them individually. In our review, we have also included the strengths of the device and points that were less preferred by us and other users.

    Overall, as a user of honeywell 50250-s true hepa air purifier, we would say it's an efficient air purifier that comes at a reasonable price. Considering the functionality and maintenance requirement and price, I would say it's a great device comes at a budget-friendly price. It's one of the highly recommended air purifiers that you should have for your loving home.

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