How To Clean A Rainbow Rainmate: Step By Step Guide

how to clean a rainbow rainmate

When in your office or even at home, it is important to observe utmost hygiene. One way to do that is to purify the air you breathe.

The air that we breathe is often full of impurities. These impurities when inhaled in large quantities can cause severe health problems. Some of these impurities include, dust, mites, and dust.

So how do we clean the air that we breathe? The answer to this is really simple. We can use the right types of air purifiers.

There are many options that you can go for. However, in this post, I will talk about the Rainbow Rainmate. I will also show you how to clean a rainbow rainmate.

What Is the Rainbow Rainmate?

The rainbow rainmate is a small pocket-sized pot like air purifier. It is easy to use and ensures the perfect filtration for any type of environment. It will work for large rooms, offices, and whole houses.

The gadget spreads out sweet scent depending on your taste. It leaves the air feeling fresh and smelling nice. More importantly, the rainbow rainmate air purifier has a deep cleaning ability. It is good for the office, home, and general rooms. It also covers a large area that could extend to about 1200 sq. ft.

How Does the Rainmate Work?

How Does The Rainmate Work

Before I bought my rainbow rainmate, I learnt how it works. You should do the same. Here is what you should know.

The rainmate has a motor in its upper part. This motor triggers a great suction ability. It, therefore, helps the machine suck, dust, dirty, mites, and other musty odors.

The dirty air and the contaminants are sucked straight into the water. In there, the musty air releases all the contaminants including the pollen and mites into the reservoir.

Finally, only the fresh air is left to flow through. This fresh air is then left to spreads to the environment through circulation. You will then breathe it in as fresh/ clean air.

how to clean a rainbow rainmate A 4-Step Process 

For your rainbow rainmate to work efficiently, you must clean it regularly. Proper cleaning will not only help it to work efficiently, but also to keep microbes at bay. To get a thorough cleaning touch, here is what you should do.

Step I
First turn off your rainbow rainmate unit off. You will the main switch. The switch is set on the back of the unit.

Step II
Next you should unplug your Rainbow Rainmate unit from its power source. Make sure the power gadget is also switched off first.

Step III
Once this is done, you will empty the basin. This is simple. To do it perfectly, you should remember the following.

Start by taking apart the rainmate’s separator. This is basically the central piece, which touches the water. The separator is easy to remove. Clean it by wiping it with a piece of wash-cloth.

In addition to that, if you choose to clean the hard to reach spots that are located in the separator, you’ll need to unscrew them.

Step IV
Use soap and the soft cloth to wash the tank. Make sure any form of dirt is cleaned off before you can rinse your rainmate and let it out to dry.

NOTE: With proper cleaning, you’ll have eliminated any build-up of dirt. You can then then refill your rainmate and continue enjoying fresh air.

Additional Care and Maintenance Tips

A part from learning how to clean a rainbow air purifier, it is important to learn other care tips. I have, therefore, rounded up some cool tips for you to follow. They include the following.

  • Refill the water reservoir when it runs dry
  • Clear out any water that has stayed for long
  • Use a warranty to fix your rainbow rainmate
  • Keep your rainmate far away from the kids
  • Follow the manufacturer’s user manual too
  • Don’t use the rainmate for anything else other than the intended use

Proper care of your rainbow rainmate will go a long way. It’ll help you to realize the value of your money. You’ll also enjoy extended periods of use (longevity), and get the most out of your rainmate.

NOTE: The one thing that you must know is this. The rainbow rainmate is not dishwasher friendly. You must not use hot water to clean it. This is because; hot water might change the shape of the rainmate’s basin and prevent it from working properly.

How to Tell If Your Rainmate Needs Cleaning

Telling if your rainmate requires cleaning is simple. If the rainmate gives out a spray of water then it is working perfectly. However, if the spray turns into waves, then it is time to clean the unit.


If you need the best experience, you must know the proper care and maintenance tips. You must also learn the gadget so that you use it in the right way.

Experts recommend cleaning the rainmate at least twice a month. However, if the water gets really dirty after a short time, you can clean it after every 10 days.

When I bought my rainbow rainmate, I took close to three days learning how the system works. It was after I had mastered it that I began to use it. You should do the same if you need the best results from the rainmate.

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