How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair In House: 5 Quick and Easy Ways

How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair In House

I love to see my cats roaming around the house. But, in the very first year when it was time for shedding hair, I had a hard time getting rid of them. Though I am extremely allergic to pet hair, I can't live without my pet. Then only I started to explore quick and easy ways on how to get rid of pet hair in house.

Well, you may find many tips if you start to look up. However, all of them are not effective to all kinds of pets, especially when you have a hairy pet at home like cat and dog. The fact of having a hairy pet at home means you will find it's hair in carpet, bedding, sofa, furniture and almost everywhere. How many of them can you pick and remove! Pretty impossible to do it completely with usually cleaning and brushing, isn't it? Since I have six cats at home and I have tried many ideas to get rid of pet hair.

Trust me! There is no one way that can help you get rid of pet hair from the whole house. Hence, I will share the individual strategies I follow to remove the hair from clothes, carpet, furniture, and so on. As a bonus, I will also tell you the most effective Easy Ways to Remove Pet Hair.

how to get rid of pet hair in house

As I said, when we have a pet at home like cats and dogs, they shed hair everywhere. You find the hair on the carpet, bed, furniture, clothes, and what not. To ensure your house is free of pet hair, you need to follow different technique for different places. Here, I will share some of the best ways to get rid of pet hair for your help!

How to prevent pet hair build-up?

First thing’s first! To survive from the hassle of pet hair, you need to start from the cause. If you ensure to remove the loose strands or shredded hair from the pet in the first place, then you can minimize it from floating everywhere. And if you follow this regularly, then you will see less pet hair at home. This is what I do:

Use dryer sheets/ fabric softener:

I use dryer sheets and run over the pet. The sheet will capture the shed hair, and you will be able to remove them before they fall on your sofa or carpet. Easy and quick, isn't it!

Using a balloon:

If you don't have a dryer sheets or fabric softener sheets, you can use a balloon. Inflate the balloon, and the balloon surface will have a static charge. Now, rub the pet hair with the inflated balloon, and you will see it collects pet hair. 

Brush off the shed hair from pet themselves:

If you want to make sure pet hair does not float all around the house, the first thing you need to do is remove the hair fallout from the pet. You can use a brush or comb for the pet to bring out the hair from the pet body. When you are done, you can collect the excess hair and secure them in a bag. I recommend you to do this job twice a week.

pet hair remover From Clothes

Pet Hair Remover From Clothes

Since we often cuddle with our pet or let them sit in our lap, the pet hair can get stuck in our clothes. Therefore, you’ve gotta be cautious about removing hair from clothes as well. How do you do so?

Using a Latex Glove

Latex gloves are bliss. I also use the gloves when I need to clean up a wider surface or collect a good amount of pet fur in a short time. I wear the latex glove and rub the surfaces where I see pet hair. The latex attracts the hair to get stuck in the glove. You can also dampen the glove for a more effective result if you want. And finally, when you are done, you can wash the glove and let it dry.

Using a brush

You can use a suit brush or toothbrush to remove pet hair from clothes. When you take your pet in your lap or witness hair in your clothes, simply brush off the hair and collect them in your hand for throwing it in the dust bin.

removing hair from carpet

Remove Pet Hair From Carpet

In winter, to avoid the cold from the floor, we use carpet. And it's one of the stubborn places where the pet hair gets stuck. Here is how I get rid of pet hair from my carpet.

Use a broom with rubber end:

when I am not in the mood of using a vacuum cleaner, I use a broom with a rubber end to get rid of the hair from carpet. As you run the mop on the carpet, the rubber head will make the hair pop off the carpet. Then the hair will be stuck on the rubber, and when you are done, you can easily remove the hair.

Using rubber gloves:

You can also use rubber gloves. So, dampen the glove and run your hand of the targeted surface. Then wash off the gloves. You may need to do the job several times for complete removal. You can also use a vacuum cleaner for sofa and upholstery. But, for certain, you need to maintain regular dusting off and to clean.

clean Hair From Furniture 

Clean Hair From Furniture

Having a pet at home, I always wonder where else can pet hair go- furniture, tabletop, sofa, bed, and every corner of the house. And one of the significant areas of pet hair getting stuck is furniture.

Wood cleaner/ polish for wooden furniture:

To remove hair from wooden furniture, you can use cleaner or polish. If the spray contains anti-static formula, then it will be easy to collect the hair. The after-finish will minimize the hair from getting stuck on the surface.

Use FURminator or brush for sofa and upholstery:

If your floor is covered with carpet, the struggle is even more pathetic. Because pet hair becomes stubborn when stuck in the carpet. Hence, to remove pet hair from carpet, you can scrub it with pumice or FURminator. Using either one of them you can collect the pet hair easily without ruining the carpet.

reduce cat hair from the floor

Removing Hair From Carpet

The ways to remove pet hair from the floor would vary depending on the floor material. Some floors are made of tiles or hardwood, whereas some floors are covered with laminating mat. For either type of the floor, you can use the below ways:

Use dry mop/electrostatic mop: If the floor is made of tiles or hardwood, you can simply use a dry mop to collect the fur tumbleweed. It's hard work, I know. Nevertheless, one of the easy solutions is to use an electrostatic mop. It will help to capture the fur easily. 

Best Way To Get Rid Of Pet Hair

Well, if you maintain to get rid of pet hair from furniture, clothes, floor, and pet regularly, you will see less hair floating around the house. Sometimes we don't get a lot of time doing the cleaning tasks, but quick ways always help. Thus, I will share some quick, easy, and extremely effective method to remove pet hair that works.

Using a Sponge 

The kitchen sponge is a great way to remove pet hair from sofa, carpet, upholstery, and any fabric. First, you need to dampen the sponge with water or fabric softener. Then, scrub the target area with the sponge. After a while, you will see fur tumbleweed has gathered on the sponge. Then, you can get easily through them out in the bin.

Use a roller or Velcro curlers.

Using roller is another effective method to gather pet hair in one place. You can use the roller for your clothes, bed, mat, and areas where reaching the mop is difficult. I follow this step during an emergency. Whenever a guest is coming, or I notice a bunch of hair in a place where my cat was sitting, I clean up the area immediately. It helps me to minimize the floating pet hair in the house.

Using Anti-static spray 

I love the anti-static spray for my furniture. The best aspect of this spray is it leaves an effect on the furniture so that the pet hair doesn't get stuck. As I have used the spray several times, I noticed minimal pet hair on the furniture. What does the anti-static spray do? Well, as you spray it on furniture, it minimizes the electric charges from the pet hair. Thus, it cannot stay stuck on the furniture. Then, you can easily clean off the debris with a cloth. Since anti-static technology remains on the furniture, hence the pet hair cannot stay on to the furniture. The anti-static spray is my personal favorite to remove pet hair.

Vacuum cleaner 

Nothing can beat the result of the vacuum cleaner. If your home is filled with cushion, bedding, sofa, upholstery, and a lot of fabric items, then you may agree with me how painful it is to keep these materials out of pet hair. No matter how frequently you clean, still pet hair cannot be removed entirely. Thus, one of the best and easiest ways to choose is the right vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair. As you buy, you will know how to use it as it comes with the Guide for Using a Vacuum to Clean Pet Hair.

The good news is, these days you can also find a cleaner with HEPA filter and other advanced technology that is specially designed for pet-oriented debris. If you can purchase a high-quality vacuum cleaner, you can not only effectively clean the carpet, sofa, upholstery but also get a clean and fresh home atmosphere. It will also help you improve your allergy, asthma, and breathing problems.

 air purifier

There is a common question that a lot of pet owners have is that do air purifier work to remove pet hair! Let me assure you, undoubtedly yes! In fact, it's one of the most trouble-free and effective ways to ensure your home is filled with fresh and pollutant-free air. When you own a pet at home, it not only sheds hair but also leaves dander and odor. There are specially designed air purifier for the pet that helps to get rid of any type of unpleasant smell and pet hair. As a bonus, it will also capture dust, dirt, mold, pollen, germs, bacteria, and so on. So, when you are having an air purifier, definitely it will reduce the possibility of floating pet hair and odor from the air that you breathe in.

Should I Use an Air Purifier for pet hair?

Air Purifier For Pet Hair

Pet hair may cause breathing problems, allergies, asthma, and in the worst-case scenario, it can hamper our lungs. Hence, a lot of the pet owners have this concern “Do air purifier work for remove pet hair? It's really a valid concern because users are fond of air purifier these days. If you ask from an experienced person like me whether you should use an air purifier for the pet, I would suggest you use an air purifier for pet hair.

As you look out for air purifiers out there, you will see a wide variety of devices that come with extraordinary features and technology. Let me tell you not all of them are efficient for removing pet hair. If you are searching for an air purifier for the pet, then you must check if your targeted device can remove pet hair. The specially designed air purifier for a pet also has a feature that can remove the unpleasant odor. Therefore, if you want to make sure your house has pollutant-free air including pet hair and smell so that you can peacefully enjoy your life with your family members and pets, you should definitely get the best air purifier for pet. 

what is the best hepa air purifier for pet allergies?

There are thousands of air purifiers coming from hundreds of brands. On top, the devices come with amazing features, price range, technology, and efficiency. So, how do you find the best of all? It's really a difficult choice to make. Well, to make a wise decision, you need to keep a few things in mind before purchasing an air purifier.

True HEPA filter

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, which is considered to be the most effective technology to remove pollutants from the air. In fact, a HEPA filter can remove 99.97% of contaminants up to 0.3 microns. So, if your air purifier comes with a pure HEPA filter, then you must know that it can remove dust, dirt, mites, mold, pollen, pet hair, dander, odor, and tiny germs and bacteria as well. However, make sure the device has a True HEPA filter. 

Carbon Filter

When we have a pet at home, we not only deal with it shed hair but often the disgusting odor from their discharge. So, do you also need an air purifier for pet odors? Well, to remove any unpleasant odors, not just pet induced odor from the air, your air purifier must have the carbon filter. The combination of HEPA filter and Carbon filter will remove pet hair, dander, and unwanted smell from the air. Hence, look for this feature during your purchase.

Room coverage

The efficiency of an air purifier will also depend on the size of the room where you are installing it. If the room is too big compared to the device’s capacity, then you are not going to get the desired outcome. So, before you purchase do know your room size and check the room coverage of your desired air purifier.

Brand value

I have already mentioned there are many manufacturers of air purifier, but not all of them are reliable. Therefore, when you are sorting out your targeted air purifier, you should also focus on the brand along with other essential features. Some of the trustworthy brands that produce efficient air purifiers for pet are GermGuardian, Winix, RabbitAir, and so on.

Final thought

I believe Prevention is always better than cure. Thus, before you get affected by health problems due to pet hair shedding, you may think of preventing pet hair build-up. Therefore, I share my favorite and effective techniques on how to get rid of pet hair. Yes, it's not always possible for us to do the cleaning job every day. Therefore, I have also shared my regular mantra on five quick and easy tricks to prevent pet hair. Since living and breathing in a healthy atmosphere is our need, I hope the tips will help you keep your pet and everyone safe. Let us know your experience and don't forget to share your tips!

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