How To Remove cigarette smoke odor eliminator – From Your Indoor Air

How To Remove cigarette smoke odor eliminator

I have been talking about how to remove cigarette smoke odor eliminator for our indoor atmosphere. However, hardly do we know how detrimental smoke can be for a first hand and second-hand smoker.

When the cigarette smoke passes my nostrils, the toxic, repugnant smoke odor immediately triggers my headache. I often deal with this unbearable situation when I go to work, shopping mall or even stay at home.

If you are allergic to smoke, you can surely relate to me. Besides the nauseating smell, the tiny particles of smoke are even more hazardous.

When your co-worker or a family member smoke indoor, the micron particles of smoke get stuck on the floor, carpet, furniture and most of it float in the air. No matter what you try, they are difficult to eliminate smoke odor from room.

What Cigarette Does to Our Health

One cigarette contains more than 4000 toxic chemicals. Research shows if a person intakes one packet of cigarette every day for a whole year, it will filth the lungs with a quart of tar.

The elements of a cigarette include ammonia, butane, arsenic, lead, and benzene. A regular smoker or a second-hand smoke both are directly and indirectly exposed to smoke.

Eventually, smoking can lead to asthma, breathing problem, lungs cancer, heart disease and respiratory issues for each person exposed to it.

The problem would have been solved if smoking never existed on earth. Since it is not possible, we better look for ways how we can remove smoke-induced odor and particles from our indoor atmosphere.

Do you want to know some easy and simple techniques best cigarette odor eliminator? Then bear with me because here I am going to introduce you to some effective and DIY ways to remove cigarette smoke and odor from the indoor air. 

how to eliminate cigarette odor from house

If you are dealing with smokers occasionally, you can follow these steps. For instance, you do not have a smoking person at home but sometimes guest tends to be the smoker. In this case, keeping the atmosphere clean is also necessary.

If you are up for get rid of smoke odor in house instantly, you can

keep a bowl of coffee or open the lid of your coffee jar. it will replace the smoke odor.

  • Cut an apple and place the pieces around the room
  • Place a bowl full of charcoal.
  • Boil some vinegar, or use it to wash affected items.
  • Take cotton balls, soak them with vanilla flavor and place them in a bowl.

Follow the following techniques  how to clean smoke smell from house instantly.

Smoke particles get stuck on floor and furniture. Wherever you see them, sprinkle some baking soda. Leave them overnight and clean them the next day.

Mix ammonia with water and wipe off the walls and floors with this solution.

Open the windows for ventilation.

These are some easy and DIY techniques that you can follow to remove smoke particles and odor.

If you are living your life with a smoker family member or co-worker, you definitely need some effective measures to ensure a pollutant-free indoor atmosphere. Keep reading to learn more. 

Open all the Windows for ventilation

When one person smokes in a closed environment, the smoke odor and particles keep circulating inside the atmosphere. The first and foremost thing you need to do is open the windows and get in some fresh air.

If it is too cold to open the window, then you can open the windows and door with intervals. It would be great if you can blow out the smoke.

This step will minimize your exposure to the cigarette smoke. Moreover, you will be at ease while cleaning the smoke particles later on. 

Clean the Fabric Materials regularly

Whenever someone smokes, the micron particles get stuck on the floor, furniture, ceiling and even clothes. These particles are so tiny that they are hardly visible in naked eyes.

We know it is a lot of work, but you shouldn't compromise with your health. Since you are constantly dealing with cigarette smoke; you should clean carpets, towel, bed sheets and other fabric type of materials regularly.

The smoke particles are wrapped around these objects. Make sure, these items are cleaned and dried properly.

Deodorize your furniture

Deodorizing will effectively remove smoke odor from the furniture and other belongings. To do this method, you can use any deodorizing product.

Spray the deodorant on your furniture like table, chair, cupboard, wooden floor or wall. Wipe off the deodorant and the place will be free of smoke particles and especially odor.

Steam clean all of your carpets, as well as add a deodorizing product to the cleansing solution.

Sanitize the house

cigarette smoke odor removal house is hazardous for a smoker yet more detrimental for a non-smoker and children. Therefore, sanitizing the indoor is a must do.

You can use a mixture of water and bleach and mop the floor with it. Also, clean the walls, ceiling, kitchen countertops and other parts of your house. 

cigarette smoke odor eliminator : Use an Air Purifier

No matter how many DIY techniques you follow for removing the cigarette smoke from your indoor air, you can't ensure it 100%.

If you are tired of cleaning every day and looking for a helping hand, you must invest for an air purifier.

Only an air purifier can ensure the maximum amount of pollutant and smell removal from the atmosphere. The air purifier device pulls in the air and the filtration system removes all the pollutants and unpleasant odor and resend the purified air back to the room.

In order how to remove cigarette odor eliminator, you should buy an air purifier with a carbon filter. Usually, such devices don't come with the only carbon filter. Therefore, it would be wise if you buy an air purifier that contains a HEPA filter and a Carbon filter.

The HEPA filter will pull out all the airborne particles including smoke. On the other hand, the carbon filter will remove any unpleasant smell like smoke from the indoor air.

Best Air purifier is considered to be the most effective device that can assure 99.97% pollutant and odor free air. Even though it may be a huge investment for a person to buy an air purifier, it would ensure a hassle-free breathable indoor air for everyone.

It is very difficult to live a life dealing with cigarette smoke every day. However, we can always minimize the impact by following these techniques.

You can make a daily, week and monthly routine for a regular and thorough cleaning of your house. It will keep your house tidy, germ-free and livable. 

Final Verdict

Do not panic by seeing this technique of removing cigarette smoke and odor. Think for a while that we often clean the floors, ceiling, walls and vacuum the carpet, sofa and so on.
If you can make it into a habit and follow a routine, you will get used to it.

If you ask for my recommendation, I would say buy an air purifier with HEPA and carbon filter. This device will make your life a lot easier. The air purifiers can remove any airborne particles starting from dust, dirt, mites, mold, spores, pollen to pet hair, dander, odor and cigarette smoke.

The combination of HEPA and carbon filter will minimize the impact of smoking in a closed environment. Additionally, do the rest of the techniques and live a healthy and germ-free life. 

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