LEVOIT Humidifiers, 6L Warm and Cool Air Purifier Review

LEVOIT 6L Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier have an instinctive control panel and a 6-liter tank. The control comprises of a delicate touchscreen and a simple to utilize remote that can work from to the extent 5 meters.

The LEVOT humidifier offers you a quite operation and it delivers under 38dB to confirm that it doesn't bother when you sleep. Different features incorporate an auto mode, built-in timer, and obviously customizable humidity. It likewise has an Aroma diffuser for your most loved vital oils.

LEVOIT humidifier is most appropriate for medium to big rooms. What makes it well known. It can expand the RH level 25% quicker than the various machines in its price.

The monstrous 6L tank let us through 3 back to back days without refilling the tank. The LEVOIT 6L Humidifier is a warm and cool mist machine; accordingly, you can place it anywhere of your room you want.

The LEVOIT 6L Humidifier has some outstanding advantages which will make you positive to purchase it as soon as possible. Here, we have described all the benefits in row for your better understanding. So, let’s have a look!

Simple to use 

Convenience is a specific requirement of a decent humidifier, similar to the Levoit ultrasonic air humidifier, which accompanies an auto mode to naturally detect the humidity in its encompassing territory and create the appropriate measure of humidity to continue living condition revived with healthy air. That is useful for your health, particularly for a child remaining at home throughout the day.

With a simple setting that should be possible remotely, what you need to do is simply give the humidifier a modest touch, at that point you will adore your rest or lay down with great air inside an agreeable atmosphere. By a setup of 12-hour clock, you can have the humidifier kept running for the duration of the night so you can get up toward the beginning of the day with revived air.

Simple to clean 

Keeping an air humidifier clean to broaden lifetime is a simple task. The Levoit air humidifier is made with dependable, well-organized quality and safe materials, and you can have this humidifier cleaned once every week proficiently with a packaged cleaning brush. So don't think that cleaning the humidifier will be hard, simply relax, and you could do that straightforward cleaning work at ends of the week.

Calm with outstanding performance 

One essential thing that a decent air humidifier ought to have is the sound dimension while it is running. A calm humidifier is everything amid your rest. The Levoit air humidifier is something to that effect. The humidifier works extraordinary in the method for ultrasonic innovation, calmly scattering a delicate mist all through your house.

With three unique dimensions, you can have warm mist to mitigate hack and clog in chilly, dry air, or have cool mist to keep your nasal sections, sinuses, and skin hydrated and also to decrease friction based electricity.

Gigantic capacity for continuous use 

Also, to what extent an air humidifier can work with a full tank of water does make a substance if you need to have a decent rest. The Levoit ultrasonic air humidifier is operated with a large tank that is equipped for 6-liter water, which permits up to 36 hours of nonstop use without continually refilling it.

High-precision hygrometer with multi Control 

It continuously peruses the correct estimation of humidity level with the goal that you can set a reasonable and agreeable humidity level dependent on the encompassing condition. The delicate touch control panel of this LEVOIT Humidifiers, 6L Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is very easy to use. Also, the included remote additionally controls any settings for accommodation.

Touch and remote control 

The delicate touch control panel is anything but difficult to operate, and the remote additionally controls any settings for accommodation. Moreover, both of them are made with high quality materials and will last for a long time.

High Quality

The water tank has been refreshed to the ABS plastic which makes it scarcely broken now; the uncommon airtight plan is unique about other spilling issue humidifiers available on the market.

Best Air Purifier Of The LEVOIT Humidifiers 

When you need to buy a best air purifier for baby,smoke,dust,asthma, you will get hundreds of options. After a deep research, we have got LEVOIT Humidifiers, 6L Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier in a top position and have reviewed it in detail. Let’s have a look!

What we liked

  • It is very easy to refill and clean
  • It additionally includes a built-in timer
  • You can utilize it to diffuse your vital oils
  • It features both cool and warm mist at three unique dimensions
  • It has an extensive 6-liter tank that permits nonstop task for up to 36 hours
  • This humidifier will disclose to you the correct measure of humidity of your room
  • You will never need to anguish about leaks as it comes with a leak-proof structure
  • Levoit has with an auto mode to change the humidity level in the room consequently
  • Controlling it is so simple and straightforward since it has both remote and a touch control panel
  • This unit is run calm, and it creates under 36dB henceforth making it ideal for use in a child's room

What we didn't like

  • It is very heavy when you fill it
  • The water tank is as yet not the best quality
  • Its display is very splendid in dark and the light may disturb when you sleep

Features of the Levoit Humidifier

Likewise, there are additionally natural features that supplement the LEVOIT Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier only for your simplicity and luxury. Its outstanding features will make you surprise. Want to have a look? Don’t make late! Let’s know them!

Touch and remote control

This feature takes into account simple control of the machine. While closer, you can without much of a stretch utilize the touch control button on the humidifier. And, when you are in a distant place, the remote control will allow you access to every one of its settings.

It has a humidistat

This gets an exact perusing of the humidity level in your room with the goal that you can modify the unit to a dimension fitted for your room at a specific time.

Quiet operation

Ultrasonic humidifiers are commonly quiet to run, and this specific unit creates under 36dB of sound. So, it is a great one for you if you want not to be bother with the loud sound of any machine when you sleep.

Auto Mode

The auto mode serves to consequently change the mist yield to suit the moistness level in your room. So you don't need to stress over control.


It accompanies a 6-liter Capacity tank that can keep going for 20-36 hours with constant use. The mist yield is at 500 ml/hr. sufficient to cover an extensive space of your house.


For the controls, it accompanies a basic and straightforward remote and an extremely delicate touchscreen. The remote can work from to the extent 5 meters.


The package includes a hybrid ultrasonic humidifier, a remote control, two aroma pads, cleaning brush, and a user manual.

Warm and cool mist

This unit can apportion both warm and cool mist and consequently making it the best humidifier for asthmatics and, individuals experiencing blockage and hacks. It likewise delivers both of the mists at three unique dimensions.

Tank Capacity

The unit comes with a 6-L tank. And, it is one of the biggest that you can get in these humidifier types. It gives the machine a capacity to work for up to 36 hours without a refill. This humidifier will likewise conceal to 280 square feet.

Built-in Timer

This unit includes a built-in timer that you can use it to set the humidifier to keep running for up to 12 hours constantly. It closes off once the time slips by. Thus you will never need to stress over neglecting to turn it off.

Final Verdict

The Levoit Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is a standout amongst the most effective units to have at home. Furthermore, it produces both warm and cool mist yet it is easy to utilize. It has an extensive tank limit that can keep it running for one and a half days ceaselessly which implies you don't need to continue refilling.

The remote and touchscreen controls are likewise advantageous, and most people will love them. What's more? Well, it is likewise simple to clean and refill so you can appreciate an enduring supply of humidified air without any stresses. Indeed, even with the few anxieties from a few users like the light being too bright at dark. But, considering all of its outstanding features, it will be the best choice for all. So, you can purchase it with confidence!

Have a Great Time with Your LEVOIT Humidifier! J

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