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Rainbow RainMate Air Purifier Review

Are you searching rainbow air purifier reviews? Rainbow Air Purifier makes that happen by purifying indoor air. We all know that indoor air is polluted by- pollutants, smoke, dust, and germs, etc. These can harm our body by many known and unknown ways. There are various kinds of air purifier available in the market. If you don't want a heavy-duty air purifier then you can go for an air purifier that handles the basic air purification.

Rainbow Rainmate Air Purifier is one of them which can give you fresh smell along with the removal of dust from the air. It handles the basic air purification and comes with some amazing features. If you are conscious about the air that you are breathing then you should buy an air-purifier which can purify the air. The Rainbow Air Purifier has its pros and cons which made it different from other air purifiers.

Today I will talk about Rainbow Air Purifier in details. I am using this at my home and I am very satisfied with this. To me, this is one of the best air purifiers in the market. You will come to know about its cool features, pros and cons, and a complete buying guide. So, let’s start with this.  

Why You Need Air Purifier?

It's a must asking the question of those persons who are feeling that the air he and his family are taking is not fresh enough. Well, if are feeling the same problem then this portion will help you to understand the importance of an air purifier at home. Generally, due to industrialization the amount of dust, pollutants, and smoke have increased in numbers from the last few decades. People are suffering from many diseases for breathing unhygienic air even at home.

To solve that problem of polluted air scientists have invented air purifiers that can purify the air at your home. The best air purifier can purify almost 100% air and can make you feel better. The air-purifiers capture small dust in the air and can kill the micro-germs. They can also produce a nice smell which will give you mental refreshment.

Some other reasons will make you feel to have an Air Purifier at home. Let's check them out.

  • For new-born babies polluted and dusty air is harmful.
  • Micro-particle in the air can be the causes of allergies.
  • So many tools and equipment can make lots of wastage and dust which will make your air polluted.
  • Having pets is not a problem but pet’s hair can fly in the air.
  • Your living place may have odor problems.
  • You may live in a heavily industrial area and the air is so much polluted.

Amazing Features of rainbow air purifier reviews

Rainbow rainmate air purifier has some cool feature. Though it's not a high performing machine, it comes with unique features. You may look over those features from here easily.

Summary of work

You’ve already understood that I am giving Rainbow Rainmate Reviews. Do you know why it has been called Rainmate? Most of the case answer will be in negative. So, first of all, what you've to know is about Rainmate.

The Rainmate is a small pot like a purifier. It ensures the filtration of air in the rooms with spreading out sweet scent according to your taste. Most of the cases rainbow vacuum air purifier is known as extensively for its deep cleaning ability. It will help you to improve both the office and home environment. It covers a large area almost 1200 sq. Ft. That means you can freshen up your whole house with one Rainbow Rainmate purifier if your home is less or equal of 1200 sq. Ft.

Working Process

Before buying this, you need to know the step-by-step process of the Rainbow Rainmate.

The upper part of the machine has a motor that sucking dirty and musty odor from the environment and pulling the air into the water.

Musty air then mixes with the water, making bubbles that remove pollen form and keeping it in the water basin.

Finally, fresh air spreads out in the environment by air circulating process.

Cheap method of Filtration

You all know that every air purifier needs a filter for the filtration process. But in Rainbow air purification system you never need to exchange filter for more purify air. What you've to do is just replace the water. It is not a free process, but much cheaper than buying replacement filters.

Time-saving Process

Cheap isn’t the only thing that will encourage you to buy Rainbow Air Filter. As you know that filtration of air in the rainbow is just a simple work of dumping the water and refilling it. It is not a complex method of air cleaning and that's why it saves a lot of time. On other words, Rainbow provides fast air purification process.

Less noisy​​

As I’ve told you the working process of this machine, you’ve understood that it has a simple method. For a simple method machine in this era, you don’t expect noisy sound. Rainbow Rainmate has very little noise that even you couldn't hear without focusing.

Great outlook​​

Rainbow Rainmate Air Purifier has a sleek and modern look that suits well with other household things. It will offer you a variety of colors like ivory, black, etc. and also it includes 2 LED lights. It also performs as a night light.

Variation is scents​​

Rainbow Rainmate aromatizes your home environment as you want. You can add any exotic and luxury and assorted scents collection. What you've to do is just adding up this fragrance to the water. Rainbow will give you some scents with it as well as you can buy according to your preference.

Plugin and unplug in

You will be able to connect any standard of a 110-volt outlet. So, don't need any multi-plug or other extensions other than sockets. For start or stop the machine, you don’t need to plug it in or unplug it. You just need press on and off switch.


The Rainbow Rainmate Air Purifier is light-weighted. The weight of the product is only 2.8 pounds and it’s portable. You can easily transfer it one place to another for its lightweight.

Indication System

It comes with two different LED lights. Night mode is also available there. The two light settings are for high and low indicating stages.

Positives And Negatives Of The Rainbow Air Purifier Reviews


  • Captures dust particles
  • Different scents
  • Lower noise level.
  • More effective
  • It’s portable


  • Not for heavy-duty

Cleaning Process : rainbow air purifier reviews

To clean the air purifier you need to follow some steps. Clean your water basin once in a week by soap or detergent. After 1-2 months you need to clean the air purifier by followings-

  • First, unplug the unit by turning it off.
  • Separate the top portion by unscrewing.
  • Now you should pull out the fan from the top.
  • Take a dump cloth and clean the top.
  • You should clean the other parts with soap.
  • Use a brush to clean the stem properly.
  • After doing those, you need to dry it and reassemble the parts again.

What You Should Know Before Buying Air Purifier

For buying any electric device you need to study the device quite sometimes. Every product has a lot of features. What you need to do is just find the best featuring product and knowing the features and there’s work perfectly. I will recommend you to know all of them.


Before buying you should check the durability. Most of the time in some major cases, it is found that devices like air purifiers are not durable enough.  If you are going to purchase an air purifier than make sure that it’s durable and able to give the best feedback.


We all know that no machine can give you one hundred percent efficiency. So, you need to choose the best one which can offer you maximum efficiency. Again you should go for an air purifier which will use minimum electric supply so that you can save electricity and get maximum output.

Setup Process

Choose an air purifier that has an easy setup procedure. An easy setup procedure can save you time. Again it will help you to clean the device and reassemble it easily. So, you need to go for an air purifier that has an easy setup process.


Devices like air purifier should be portable enough so that anyone can easily move it. Look, at your home, there are several units and you need to cover them with one air purifier. So, buy an air purifier that is light –weighted and easy to portable.

Cleaning Process

The cleaning process is an important portion of device maintenance. The cleaning process should be time-consuming and easy to perform. The easy cleaning procedure will let you clean your device every week. So, go for the air purifier that has an easy cleaning process.

Overall Outlook 

Who doesn’t love to see an amazing outlook of a device? Well, you should know that a beautiful thing can attract more than a rough one. As you are going to use the air purifier in the indoor environment, you need to go for an air purifier that comes with a great outlook and design.

Rainbow Air Purifier Reviews FAQs

1. Is Rainbow Rainmate is made of metal/ glass?

The top part of the Rainbow Rainmate is made of solid black color plastic. The bottom part is made of sturdy transparent plastic that helps you to see inside part.

2. How long I can run the machine before I need to turn it off?

You can run it 24/7 obviously and you’ve to refill the at least once a day. But for the best support, you need to refill it every couple of days and clean the basin at least twice a month. You will understand when it needs to be cleaned.

Generally, when the machine runs at its best, you will see raindrops going down the side. If you don't see anything like this, simply empty the basin and wash the sides of the basin with a soft clean fabric.

3. Does this product come with a warranty?

It depends on the sales representative. If you buy the product online, they would not give you a warranty for repairing. On the other hand, if you buy the tool from any store, you may ask him for warranty.

4. Does the water collect dust?

Yes, it certainly does. Rainbow Rainmate will gather dust and other floating particles in the air around your house. At first, you will notice the water get murky and fuzzy. As the day passes, you will see the water looks somewhat clears. If you run it frequently every day, you have to clean the tool every two weeks.

Need to Know Tips : How to Clean Rainbow Air Purifier

Here are three professional tips for you that will help you. Have a look.

  • Clean the tool once every two weeks.
  • Don’t use bleach to clean the Rainbow Rainmate. You may use warming oil to clean and their price is affordable. Also, you can use some vinegar. Use a cloth soaking with vinegar with water mix.
  • For warranty purpose, make sure it has a suitable warranty.

Final Notes

I hope this content about rainbow air purifier reviews has helped you to know more about this product. It services better than many store-bought air fresheners. This air purifier offers you to use different types of scent by your choice.

Rainbow Rainmate allows your home to smell amazing and dust-free. If you are looking for a heavy-duty purifier, for that case I wouldn't recommend you Rainbow Air Purifier. It will support you to get rid of easy particles like dust, pet’s hair, and smoke. So, you can buy this for purifying your home air.

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