Winix WAC9500 Air Purifier: Top Reviews In 2022

Have you an issue with the air quality in your home? Are you searching for Winix wac9500 air purifier? Possibly you're facing pet dander, hair or unwanted smells. You may need to dispose of scents of cigarettes or cooking. Possibly residue or dust is making you wiped out. No worries! You only need help, and you need your home to smell lovely once more. There are bunches of air purifiers accessible nowadays.

The Winix, WAC9500 True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology Ultimate Pet Model, is intended for a separate room. It's a standout amongst other air purifiers for pets, yet it additionally disposes of different toxins and allergens. With the goal that makes it a decent broadly useful air purifier, as well. Here, we'll discuss all about the Winix 9500. We will talk about how it works, what it expels from the air, and so on! So, keep reading!

Advantages of Winix WAC9500 Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner

Outstanding Air Cleaning Capacity 

The Winix wax9500 is best air purifier  for a 284 square foot room, yet a few people notWinix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technologyice that they have utilized it in rooms as large as 300 square foot. As indicated by the producer, the winix WAC9500 is extraordinary for bigger rooms, yet airflow in lower settings is low for large rooms. When your room is higher than 275 square feet, utilizing this air purifier will probably send it to turbo setting as it battles to clean the air in the room.

The air purifier is CADR evaluated by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers at 182 for residue, 183 for smoke, and 194 cubic feet for each moment for dust particles. These estimations depend on an 8 feet room.

Simple to Use Controls

The air purifier has a programmable remote control which you can store in a space on the WAC9500. If you can make sure to restore the remote to its scope, you will love this extraordinary feature.

The air purifier has LED air quality pointer illuminates that light up depending on the allergen and residue levels in your room. You will likewise discover scent sense lights and lights that show the ideal opportunity for cleaning filters.

It’s so quiet; however, a few clients say that PlasmaWave creates some popping commotion, which the maker says is typical. If you don't care for the sound, you can generally kill the PlasmaWave channel on the unit itself or utilize the remote control.


  • Runs silently except in turbo mode
  • Prevalent residue and smell sensors
  • Consistent unit remote control and manual task
  • Simple maintenance, filter replacement and tidy up
  • Programmed mode, filter replacement indicator, and sleep mode
  • Air filtration refines air by catching 99.97% organisms, dust, allergens, and lethal particles
  • This air purifier does not create irritating sound, and it tends to be utilized in rooms, workplaces, and other calm spots.


  • Accompanies no handle making it hard to move
  • A few units create a synthetic smell that vanishes with time.

Features of Pet True HEPA Air Purifier

PlasmaWave Air Cleaning 

The air cleaner wipes up encompassing air through the air opening grille cut out in the front board. It scrubs the air in a five-stage treatment process. The main phase of filtration utilizes a pre-filter to catch sizable microbial elements like pet hair, dust, etc.

Natural Sensors and Automatic Functions 

With its programmed task joined with integrated sensors, the Winix WAC9500 gives an easy to understand air purifier. An electronic light sensor mechanically resets the air cleaner to keep running in rest mode at night. The additional component reestablishes the past settings when sunlight attracts. A programmed air quality sensor stifles residue and smells in your indoor air.

Energy Efficiency ​​​​

Winix WAC9500 utilizes a vitality star evaluated air cleaning system fueled by a voltage of 110 to 120 VV. The vitality proficient unit helps keep power bills at the base. The low mode setting keeps running on around 6 watts while the high mode devours just 70 watts.

It transmits insignificant ozone-dirtying discharges. Winix WAC9500 Air Cleaner gives better vitality effectiveness with no discernable sounds at the low or high fan speed. It just expands 6 watts on low settings and 70 watts on Turbo Mode.

Automated Operation

Winix WAC9500 Air Cleaner works with remote control for your benefit. The unit resets to programmed activity once exchanged on. It consequently recognizes the volume of polluting influences in the environment and, along these lines, changes the fan speed.

To change to the manual procedure, utilizing the remote control or the function key on your Winix. You can choose LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH for daytime or night use. You just press the plasma on/off button to start PlasmaWave innovation that discharges charged particles.

The timer permits pre-chosen activity of 1, 4, to 8 hours or changes following rest mode. Residue and smell sensors show the volume of particles noticeable all around like tobacco smoke, residue, and allergens with green, orange, and red shading cautions.

Residue and Odor Control 

The Winix WAC9500 Air Cleaner accompanies a propelled smell carbon filtration instrument. You will avoid stinking pet scents, cooking scents, and tobacco smoke to enhance the nature of inside air.

It additionally packs residue and smell sensors that show dimensions of air quality. You will get control over the smell and dangerous particles. The location system changes to high mode when required.

Rest Mode 

The Winix WAC9500 Air Cleaner has 4 fan speeds which are, low, medium, high, and turbo. If you initiate the auto sleep mode, the unit will render the most reduced fan speed.

A display board diminishes when the light sensor identifies dimness. It returns to its prior settings on the off chance that you lit the dull room. You have to press the timer button to switch the light sensor on or off.  

Easy Maintenance 

Winix WAC9500 development and features permit inconvenience free and temperate maintenance.

You can arm yourself with a dry, delicate texture to wipe and warm, wet fabric for stubborn stains. To supplant the filter, get a handle on the board's side tabs.

Remote Control Operation 

You can switch the Winix on or off utilizing the remote control. Turn the Winix to manual settings by constraining down one of the fan control buttons. The timer button changes the unit to keep running for 1, 4, to 8 hours, and drop.

The task additionally incorporates the auto sleep, plasma on/off, fan control up/down, and turbo. Auto Sleep mode offers the most minimal, calmest fan level and a darkened display board.

What does it expel from the air? 


The air purifier works to the perfection of expelling dust and residue. Its users say that their asthma assaults diminished drastically after they began utilizing it. It additionally deals with residue from feline litter boxes.


It evacuates smelly scents, and it functions admirably to expel mold from the air. In any case, it's essential that you manage the wellspring of the mold, as well. Normally, mold demonstrates a dampness issue. If you settle that, you'll have significantly less airborne shape spores to manage.

Smoking Odors 

No one wants their home to possess a scent like old tobacco smoke. The carbon filter works admirably of evacuating smoking scents in a while.

Pet Odors 

Everybody likes pet, yet they can be genuinely stinky now and then. The Winix 9500 takes care of that issue.

Pet Hair 

The pre-filter captures a portion of the pet hair that is skimming noticeable all around. You will, in any case, need to vacuum, however, particularly if you have an expansive pet or more than one pet. It makes a detectable distinction. You'll be astounded at the amount it has gotten when you clean the pre-filter.

Final Verdict

The Winix WAC9500 is a great air purifier. Its five-organize systems buckle down so you can inhale. You don't need to stroll into a stinky house. With the Winix you get an equalization of good use for incredible esteem, moderate cost. It has loads of advantages, however, by a long shot, the best is making your home only substantially more agreeable.

And, that is why most of the air purifier users recommend it to everyone to take. However, from our review, you may have got the main and required information on Winix WAC9500 Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner and on the way to purchase. You can do it without any hesitation. We assure you will be happy with it because it’s really an Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner!

Have a great time with your Winix WAC9500 Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner! 

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